Zhou Guanyu reveals future ambitions amid Sauber contract expiration next F1 season

Formula One has a multitude of drivers on the grid whose true driving capabilities often go unrecognized due to the spotlight being dominated by exceptionally talented drivers.

Among these underrated drivers is Zhou Guanyou, a Chinese driver who made his debut in 2022. Despite the challenges, he remains committed to his team and is determined to further enhance his skills in preparation for the upcoming season.

Zhou Guanyu talks about his main goal in F1

The 2023 season marked the second season in Formula One, and the Chinese driver was finally able to secure six points and clinch the 18th position in the standings after winning the glorifying 9th place in Australia, Spain, and Qatar. Guanyu claims that, comparatively, he has gained a lot of experience, which he could put to work this season.

Reflecting on his previous seasons, he said “I hope to turn all the regrets of the past two years, including all the mistakes I made, into my motivation. I hope to show my best state in the new season, and look forward to a bigger breakthrough in collecting points at the races.”

However, Guanyu has clearly highlighted his priority to stay with the Sauber team for a long time and, hence, perform better than in his previous experiences. In an exclusive interview with the media, he also stated, “It’s definitely the priority to try to do well here, to see us grow, to see our progression. Of course, there are plenty of opportunities out there, but the main target is to finish this season in a very strong position.”

When does Zhou Guanyu’s contract expire?

Zhou Guanyu’s original deal expired last year, and he was given a new contract which would also end by the end of this campaign. Although the driver has spent only a small period of time with the team, he has showcased his love for the Swiss-based outfit by preferring to stay in Sauber for the coming few years.

He stated, “In my ideal world, the first priority is to stay with the team and to stay with a factory team, and also, what happens next year will have a big impact on Audi.”

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