AlphaTauri’s Liam Lawson receives surprise Qatar GP nod from Daniel Ricciardo via FaceTime call

Daniel Ricciardo is known in the paddock for his unusual antics, whether it be an amazing rap session made in the heat of the moment or adding a spicy tinge to the names of his fellow drivers. Daniel has sat out most of the races of the 2023 season after his hand got injured.

In a recent incident that contracted with Liam Lawson, Daniel Ricciardo video called and quite literally gave him the nod to go forth with the Qatar GP, leaving the reserve driver confused about what may as well be his last stint in an F1 car for the 2023 season. It seems like Liam isn’t aware of Daniel Ricciardo’s nature.

Lawson gets nod for Qatar GP directly from Ricciardo

A nervous Liam Lawson was praying every weekend to get more chances somehow and when the Qatar GP arrived, he got worried before an anticipated simulator test that would decide Daniel Ricciardo’s involvement in the upcoming races. In such a situation, Liam Lawson was frantically waiting for confirmation from Red Bull’s side about his race and when he got a strange video call from Ricciardo, he couldn’t help but stay shocked.

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“So I was sitting at lunch and I had a random number call me and it was a FaceTime,” Lawson told the media in Thursday’s press conference in Qatar.

“I was really confused, because people don’t just FaceTime randomly so I answered it, and that was just Daniel’s face!

“And he basically said that he thought he’d let me have another weekend so, yeah, obviously good to be back. Good to be in the car this weekend. It’s a very different circuit but I’m excited.”

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Daniel Ricciardo signals comeback amid hand injury recovery

Daniel Ricciardo has signaled that his injuries are getting better and that he will soon join us in races after the Qatar GP. The ‘Honey Badger’ was undergoing medical procedures owing to a broken metacarpal from his Austrian GP crash.

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He was having a simulator test prior to this weekend, which would determine if he is fit to race or not but according to the Red Bull team boss, he shouldn’t put a lot of stress on his injury and take ample amount of time to get back into shape as he already has a contract for the 2024 season in AlphaTauri.

Do you think Daniel is still the same guy as he was before leaving Red Bull or are there any radical changes in attitude? Tell us your opinions in the comments.


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