Max Verstappen addresses bragging rights importance against father-in-law, Nelson Piquet

Max Verstappen is the new star in the world of Formula 1 and he is surrounded by its glamour and glitz almost everywhere (even his home). In such cases, it frankly becomes hard to surprise or awe him because he has already experienced most of the head-turning stuff beforehand or has met people who have become legends in this game.

One such event happened recently with the media when Max Verstappen casually mentioned a record collected by his father-in-law World Championship-winning driver Nelson Piquet.

Verstappen revelation on Nelson Piquet

Max Verstappen was recently talking to the media when they started talking about his Saturday’s championship win predictions. There are certain records and achievements in Formula 1 that are near impossible to achieve, no matter the circumstances or hard work drivers put in.

Verstappen may win this Saturday because the Sprint race will be held on Saturday; however, there is no other way to become a world champion on Saturday.

Regarding this, a reporter mentioned that there has been only one driver who has won the Championship on a Saturday, to which Max had a humorous reply.

“There’s only one other driver who has grabbed the title on a Saturday, do you know who?” Max: “Yeah, my father-in-law!”

“So it’s important for bragging rights, isn’t it?”

Max: “The way I know him, he doesn’t care at all!”

Nelson Piquet, father of Max’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet, was the only driver until now to have won the driver’s championship on a Saturday. Although Nelson might not care for it, but surely, Mad Max will try his best to live up to his father-in-law’s legacy!

Red Bull driver potentially to seal 2023 F1 championship at Qatar GP

Red Bull has a knack for delivering dominant cars and best racers to the grid with an example being the 4 time world champion Sebastian Vettel and currently the Dutch lion Max Verstappen.

With a near flawless 2023 season ‘Super Max’ is on his way to win his third consecutive title after clinching a humongous lead over other drivers weekend by weekend. The 26 year old absolutely smashed the record for most consecutive in a season held by his Red Bull senior Sebastian Vettel and now he is on his way to break the record of having most number of points in a single season.

The world championship seems to have become a complete goal for him, as he is not even one step away from clinching the coveted title three consecutive times consecutively. This year has been the most dominant year for both Red Bull and Max Verstappen with both of them slaying their competition with sheer brilliance and raw pace.

As things stand, Max has already secured pole position in Qatar ahead of Sunday’s race. Does this make Max’s 3rd consecutive World Championship guaranteed? Tell us what you think in the comments.


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