Charles Leclerc disappointed over braking issue in Bahrain: “Impossible to drive properly”kw: Bahrain GP

Before the Bahrain Grand Prix was set to start, Ferrari had tremendous optimism about their performance in the 2025 season, aiming to engage in fierce competition with their strongest rivals on the grid, Red Bull.

However, the goal remained unfulfilled as one of their main drivers, Charles Leclerc, encountered significant braking issues due to the car’s severe technical failures at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Charles had “more than 100-degree split” in brake temperatures

Charles Leclerc has expressed his disappointment after the main race at the Bahrain Grand Prix due to the car’s front brake locking issues, which ultimately resulted in him securing the P4 position, right behind his teammate Carlos Sainz.

Although the Monegasque driver started the race beside Max Verstappen on the front row, after the first lap of Turn One, his car slowly started showing signs of braking failures, leaving him unable to break effectively, thereby making the race extremely challenging for him. Despite the major issues faced, the 26-year-old still managed to clinch the fourth position; however, he was clearly not satisfied with it.

After the event, expressing his disheartening opinions about the car, he said, “It was impossible to drive properly. We had big problems with the brakes, and we investigated what happened in order for it to not happen again. This was obviously a big issue. In the first 10 laps, it was impossible.”

He has also stated that the conditions became severely worse for him after a 100-degree difference started developing between the front left and right sides of the machinery, saying, “I think on the radio the team told me that it was more than a 100-degree difference between the front right and front left, and that stayed for the whole race, so we were in a very, very bad place, and it’s like this.”

Bahrain GP Standings

As usual, the ultimate winner of the Bahrain Grand Prix was none other than the One Man Army, Max Verstappen. Furthermore, his teammate, Sergio Perez, has finally broken the curse of failure by securing the second position, right ahead of the Spanish driver, Carlos Sainz.

The results of the Bahrain 2024 Grand Prix standings are as follows:

1Max Verstappen26
2Sergio Perez18
3Carlos Sainz15
4Charles Leclerc12
5George Russell10
6Lando Norris8
7Lewis Hamilton6
8Oscar Piastri4
9Fernando Alonso2
10Lance Stroll1
11G.Y. Zhou 0
12Kevin Magnussen0
13D.Ricciardo 0
20L. Sargeant0

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