Toto Wolff believes to preserve ‘equality and diversity’ F1 authorities must conclude Christian Horner investigation

The assault case involving Christian Horner has accumulated significant international media coverage, which has eventually led spectators to scrutinize Red Bull’s performance under his leadership in recent years.

Nearly a month later, influential team leaders such as Toto Wolff have chosen to address the situation, aiming to resolve the ongoing misunderstandings by ensuring a fair handling of the case.

Toto Wolff shares candid thoughts on Christian Horner investigation

Recently, Christian Horner’s case has taken a rather unfortunate turn. The parent company of the Red Bull Formula One team conducted an internal investigation to judge the allegations against the team boss fairly. However, 24 hours after the 50-year-old was cleared of wrongdoing, there was an unexpected revelation: a document and evidence regarding the case were leaked and sent to 100 different key influential figures in the industry, including Jos Verstappen.

Despite the British denying all the allegations and dismissing the leakage of the documents as an act of “unwanted attention,” the F1 media persist in keeping the principal in the spotlight.

Since the 5th of February, for the first time, Toto Wolff has decided to be vocal about the situation due to the endless stress revolving around the case. At the press conference held in Bahrain on the first day of pre-season testing, the Mercedes team principal spoke about the issue, insisting that this matter has become crucial for the entire Formula One sport and not just Red Bull.

He said, “There is a lot of speculation that has been happening over the past few weeks and lots of things that are going on.”

“What is important is a process with rigour. I think what Red Bull has started as an independent investment if this is done in the right way with transparency, is something we need to look at.”

Toto Wolff and Christian Horner relationship

Currently, Toto Wolff and Christian Horner are two of the most competitive and demanding team leaders in the Formula One industry, as both of them have been struggling to enhance their performance to clinch the world title since 2010.

However, even after spending prolonged time with each other in the paddock, there have been signs of friendship witnessed among them. In the past, Horner had claimed that being best friends with another competitor would eventually lead to being dishonest with oneself, an opinion that Wolff also completely agreed upon by stating, “He’s a good team manager. But it’s a very different personality and very different values from what we have here in the organisation. But he’s still successful.”

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