Christian Horner assesses Max Verstappen’s front wing damage by George Russell

The race weekend at the Las Vegas Grand Prix had promised intense competition, but nobody could have imagined the stunning turns of events that unfolded. A minor incident occurred on the grid involving Verstappen and Russell, resulting in minimal damage and incurring a penalty.

The collision early in the race caused damage to Verstappenā€™s wings, introducing an element of uncertainty regarding his success. However, in a remarkable display of skill and determination, the Dutch sensation overcame the odds and secured his eighth victory in Vegas.

Christian Horner addresses damage caused by Russell

It is customary for the team principal of any racing team to express concern when a driver suffers from an incident during the race. However, in the case of Max Verstappen, the situation took an unexpected turn.

On lap 25, Verstappen attempted to overtake Russell into Turn 12, resulting in damage to both cars. Stewards determined that Russell, being at fault for the incident, deserved a five-second penalty due to Verstappen having a “significant portion of the car alongside” at the corner. Despite sustaining damage to the front wing of the car, Verstappen remarkably went on to clinch victory at the event.

Surprisingly, Christian Horner, the team principal, displayed no astonishment at Verstappenā€™s extraordinary performance, as if it were a routine occurrence. In a nonchalant manner, Horner commented that the carā€™s compromised performance did not significantly impact Verstappenā€™s ability to deliver an outstanding performance, as evident in his history.

Russell shoulders blame for Verstappen collision

George Russell took responsibility for a costly collision at the Las Vegas Grand Prix, putting Mercedesā€™s second place at the Formula One Constructorsā€™ Championship in jeopardy at the risk of losing to Ferrari.

Mercedesā€™s team boss, Toto Wolff, said it was ā€œgame overā€ for Russell the moment he claimed the penalty but decided to remain hopeful for the rest of the race.

When asked about the incident post-race, Russell replied, “Just another massively missed opportunity this weekend.”

“The incident with Max was totally my fault. I didn’t see him, he was totally in my blind spot going around turn 11. I wasn’t really expecting to be overtaken there because you’ve got the big long straight with DRS afterwards.”

“We were on course for an easy podium; it was pretty straightforward.”

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