Keanu Reeves, Jenson Button explain the reason for keeping Ayrton Senna out of their fantasy F1 team in favour of Lewis Hamilton

Jenson Button is one of the most underrated drivers of Formula 1, coming from an era where drivers like Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton dominated for years. Jenson Button, however, had a new team in 2009, a challenger on the grid that no one thought would bring to life the 2009 driver’s championship.

Recently, Formula 1 fans had a chance to garner a huge deal of excitement over the new web series based on Brawn GP. This documentary aimed at retelling the fantastic story of Brawn GP and Jenson Button’s only championship to newer fans.

Keanu Reeves, Button choose Lewis Hamilton over Senna

Keanu Reeves, who hosted the show, was in friendly chat with Jenson Button, the hero of 2009, as they started discussing their favorite F1 drivers and fantasy teams. Formula 1 carries a huge legacy over the years and the immense history of F1 makes fans ponder various fantasy teams and their speculations regarding the results.

Jenson Button
Lewis Hamilton via Reddit

Keanu and Button were in a similar situation when they chose their fantasy teams, when they made a peculiar selection that caused an uproar in the Formula 1 community. Ayrton Senna is one of the most revered drivers from Formula 1’s past and Lewis Hamilton worships Senna like an idol, even becoming a citizen of Brazil. However, Button and Reeves still took the decision to include Lewis Hamilton and Senna in their dream team, getting fans confused about this ‘blasphemy’.

Jenson Button
Button and Reeves together in Brawn GP documentary via Autosport

Keanu Reeves instantly chose Lewis Hamilton as the answer when Jenson Button asked him about his fantasy team. Keanu was quite adamant about keeping Lewis, showing his appreciation for Lewis as a fan.

Button discusses Brawn documentary

There’s nothing that the fans of Formula 1 love more than retelling a legend. The exploits of big names and scandals created by famous teams are a hot topic throughout the year. In such a case, a web series based on an underrated and shocking team like Brawn GP was a mind-blowing experience for the Formula 1 community, which received this new content with open arms.

Keanu Reeves came together with Jenson Button to discuss the story of Brawn GP and their experience regarding the Disney+ documentary. While Button went on about his 2009 season, giving a glimpse of his talents and the sheer excitement that he was able to provide the public, Keanu took a rather humble approach saying, “It was cool to be able to tell this story.”

Jenson Button
Brawn GP via Formula 1

The story of Brawn is one of the most surprising seasons in Formula 1, giving us a glimpse of the cutthroat competition in the sport and the sheer uncertainty of securing a championship at the pinnacle of motorsports.

Have you watched the Disney+ documentary yet? If yes, then what are your reviews of this legendary story and this team? Do tell us in the comments section.


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