Cody Rhodes provides sneak peek of latest merch ahead of WWE RAW

Cody Rhodes was left scarred and bleeding at the end of Monday Night RAW when The Rock unleashed a vicious attack on him last week. Even though Rhodes didn’t put up much of a fight against The People’s Champion that night, he still retains the way he was attacked.

Referring to that event, his new gear has a bold design in bright, bloody red. Today, the American Nightmare revealed that this new merchandise would be coming out before the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW.

Cody Rhodes set to release new merch on WWE RAW

With guest appearances from Roman Reigns and The Rock, the next RAW program before WrestleMania 40 is sure to be exciting. As promised, The Rock carried out a surprise assault on Cody Rhodes at last week’s RAW backstage during his battle with the Bloodline. This dramatic battle prepares the stage for their tag team bout that will take place at WrestleMania.

Cody Rhodes
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Adding to the excitement, Cody Rhodes teased new merchandise on Instagram, hinting at fresh t-shirt designs on WWE Shop just before the coming RAW event. Getting everyone hyped for tomorrow’s event, Rhodes posted a picture of the shirt with the American Nightmare logo, which has blood coated over it.

Despite the merchandise announcement, Rhodes has not addressed The Final Boss’ ruthless attack yet. As WrestleMania 40 gets closer, fans are left wondering if the Hollywood star’s surprise attack has made Rhodes more determined to beat all chances and win the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

However, the continuing drama is expected to continue beyond WrestleMania, since WWE has extended Cody Rhodes’ contract, indicating that something noteworthy is on the horizon in near future.

Cody Rhodes signs new WWE contract

No matter what Cody Rhodes said before, he has no intentions to leave WWE anytime soon. He had considered retiring at age 40, but after receiving a new WWE contract, he has now changed his mind. He recently revealed that he has signed a new deal with the promotion, which will keep him in the ring beyond June 2025.

Cody Rhodes
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According to a conversation with Justin Walker, Rhodes talked about how his new deal changed his plans to quit. Referring to his contract renewal, the 38-year-old said, “I can tell you 40 is out of the question just because, not to give you scoop, it was widely reported, but I did sign a new contract with WWE. It extends beyond my 40th birthday.”

It looks like Rhodes’s story won’t finish at WrestleMania 40, since his contract has been extended. This fits with Roman Reigns’ big future reveal in a recent documentary video. Whatever happens on WrestleMania Night 2, the crowd is sure to be treated with phenomenal entertainment. 

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