Conor Benn claps back at Devin Haney after comeback victory over Pete Dobson: “He’s never had power”

Conor Benn may have secured the win against Peter Dobson, but he also had something to announce to the fans after the fight. Benn, who recently hinted at fighting more than once a year, is expressing his desires for potential bouts.

This time he is looking to fight for a world championship status. Already holding the WBA continental welterweight title since 2018, it is time for Conor Benn to make a significant move in his undefeated career.

Conor Benn slams Devin Haney

After facing numerous allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs, Benn has managed to return to boxing, overcoming a ban that restricted him from fighting on English soil. Although the ban and allegations have been lifted, fans are eagerly anticipating his big comeback in the UK. It has been two years since he last fought in England, and now, with high confidence following his victory on February 3rd, he is almost calling out his next opponent while taking a dig at him.

After winning the fight against Dobson, Conor Benn responded to Devin Haney’s callout with a “jealousy” word, taking a dig at Haney for not scoring a single knockout in his past 15 fights. Benn said, “What’s he talking about, power? He’s never had power. My DNA is strong. He’s just jealous because he’s never had none.”

He also confirms a potential bout takes place between them, saying, “If he wants to come, I’ll deal with him no problems. He’s easy to work with. Source: Benn Fires Back at Haney’s Criticism: “He’s Jealous, Easy Work.” Via Boxing24/7.

The WBA continental champion promised to deliver a first-round knockout in his last-night fight against Peter Davidson. But the final Peter Dobson didn’t let Conor Benn secure an early victory in this 12-round fight in Nevada. It was a unanimous decision victory for Conor, but the claim he was making didn’t impress the WBC champion.

According to Marca, Devin Haney responded to one of the fans’ comments saying, “Left that shit n the needle,” as he inquired about what happened to the power of Conor Benn. Though his father, Bill Haney, congratulated him for the victory, his son wasn’t much impressed.

Conor Benn defeats Pete Dobson

Despite not delivering on his promises, Conor Benn exerted his best efforts to dominate all 12 rounds of the fight on February 3rd. To everyone’s surprise, Dobson endured and absorbed all the accurate punches.

Despite the hard-hitting blows Dobson faced, showcasing a big heart, he managed to survive against the champion. The fight was scored 119-109, 118-110, and 118-110, securing Benn’s 23rd victory.

It marked Peter Dobson’s first-ever loss in his professional boxing career, spanning 17 fights. Dobson didn’t allow Benn to casually secure an easy victory; instead, it was a triumph based on accuracy for the winner.

What do you think Conor Benn has in the same knockout strength that he used to deliver in the early stages of his career?


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