Days after a $196 million F1 commitment, Lewis Hamilton aims to revolutionize racing fashion with stylish new boot

Seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton recorded his first victory in 2007 in his sixth-ever race. Since then, his career has come a long way, as the Mercedes superstar went on to break the record for most Formula 1 wins with 103 victories to his name.

However, little is known about his success in other fields, such as music and fashion. Lewis Hamilton has a song with Christina Aguilera, as well as a fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger. Most recently, the Brit mentioned working on a special racing boot.

Lewis Hamilton sets sights on designing cutting-edge racing boot

Recently, the former world champion revealed that he has been working on a special racing boot with the objective of combining functionality and style as part of a collaboration with Mercedes team sponsor Puma.

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Speaking on this, he said, “Ultimately, [I’ve designed] so many things. I should have patterned stuff, but when I started to work with Puma, we sat with them, and I pulled them into the office.”

He continued, “I’ll be like, ‘Okay, well, why do you have this? Why is there extra material here? When I put it on, why is there this?’ So I just asked lots of questions. I was like, can we cut this down, can we cut this off?”

He discussed his approach to design, saying, “I think many of the drivers are giving input because we’re using them all the time. I think we got to a really good place; we had the lightest boots at one stage, and then now we don’t need to have the lightest ones, so we have like a happy medium.”

In the meantime, he also recently renewed his contract with Mercedes till 2025.

Lewis Hamilton secures future in F1 with astonishing deal

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton recently shut down various rumors circulating in the Formula 1 community regarding his future with the team by renewing their contract.

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Reportedly, the deal is worth about £100 million ($196 million) over two seasons. Speaking on this, he said, “We have never been hungrier to win. We have learned from every success but also every setback. We continue to chase our dreams, we continue to fight no matter the challenge and we will win again.

He continued, “I’m grateful to the team who have supported me both on and off the track. Our story isn’t finished; we are determined to achieve more together, and we won’t stop until we do.”

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