Despite Red Bull principal’s confirmation, Sergio Perez hints at possible departure in 2024

Red Bull Racing has been looking stronger than ever in 2023, winning all 14 races that have taken place. However, of these 14 wins, 12 are the work of reigning world champion Max Verstappen, while Sergio Perez only has two wins in 2023.

Moreover, the Mexican has not been on pace this season, falling 145 points behind Verstappen after 14 races. Accordingly, there has been speculation about a replacement for Perez in 2024.

Sergio Perez suggests uncertain Red Bull future

Up until recently, Sergio Perez had maintained the position that he expected to continue as a Red Bull driver in 2024 until the end of his contract. More recently, however, the Mexican has expressed doubt about his future in a recent interview.

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Speaking to DAZN Espana, he said, “Every year you learn new things and that’s why I like this sport so much. You are learning things all the time. I think the most important thing. Learn from your mistakes.”

He continues, “With the season we have had, it is important to hold the next races in an environment where I feel I can contribute. And [if] that place for 2024 (likely means 2025) is not here, we will have to look for other alternatives.”

“But right now, my main focus is to be here, to win more races, to keep winning championships with Red Bull. I have a contract until next year and at some point next year we will sit down and talk.”

Christian Horner confirms driver roles for Verstappen and Perez next year

Among multiple rumours of a replacement for Sergio Perez, including blunt remarks and comments from Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko, Christian Horner attempted to clarify their stance in a recent interview.

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The Red Bull team principal said, “Checo’s situation for next year is clear. He’s a Red Bull Racing driver, we have an agreement with him. Irrelevant of agreements, we’re pleased with the job that he’s doing, you saw his drive today, he was unlucky with the pit lane speed limiter. “

Defending Sergio, he said, “He’s second in the world championship. He’s the only driver other than Max to have won Grand Prix this year. It’s easy to beat up on him when the barometer is so high on the other side. He will be our driver in 2024.”

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