Devin Haney’s father claims Floyd Mayweather retired after brutal defeat in sparring session

Floyd Mayweather officially retired from boxing after giving the blockbuster match-up to the combat sports world, where Conor McGregor and ‘Money’ collided. But according to Devin Haney’s father, the real reason for retirement was something else.

Bill Haney is coming up with the biggest claim of Floyd Mayweather’s career, where he revealed the actual reason for retirement was not just showing up for a money fight with McGregor. But there is a family member of Bill who allegedly forced Floyd into taking retirement.

Bill Haney claims Floyd Mayweather retired after Devin Haney’s loss

Floyd Mayweather and Bill Haney are currently at odds after allegations surfaced regarding Mayweather’s involvement in canceling a potential bout between Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia.

Bill Haney claimed that Mayweather’s decision stemmed from a sparring session where Devin allegedly knocked Mayweather out. According to Haney, this event led to Mayweather’s retirement from professional boxing. Haney has challenged Mayweather to release footage of the sparring session to verify the claims surrounding his retirement.

While talking to the media, Bill Haney said, “He should have shown the sparring video of him and Devin. It wasn’t close. It was like Floyd was looking in the mirror. It was before the Conor McGregor fight that he finally decided that he could no longer be in boxing with no real fighters. Devin is the one who stamped that.”

Bill also informed Floyd Mayweather that he was aware that the championship baton should be passed, so he decided to pass it on to Devin but didn’t disclose his actual reasons.

Devin Haney shares candid thoughts on Floyd Mayweather helping Ryan Garcia

Devin Haney has expressed skepticism regarding Floyd Mayweather’s involvement in strategizing potential matchups for Ryan Garcia. Haney praised Garcia for his willingness to take on significant challenges during a conversation with EsNews Boxing. This occurred during a press conference discussing the potential matchup between Haney and Garcia scheduled for April 20th.

Devin Haney that he is working on getting big fights, be it against ‘Tank’ or Oscar Duarte. He later talked about potential bouts with Garcia and jokingly answered, “Ryan Garcia is an alcoholic… So we don’t know which Ryan they would get.”

After two months of drama, initially rejecting Devin Haney’s offer, then changing his mind, and ultimately agreeing to the rematch, fans will finally witness the showdown between the 3-3 amateur rivals on April 20th. With less than two months remaining, anticipation is building for the live-action event, where Haney might put his WBC super lightweight title on the line.

What do you think Will Floyd Mayweather might do to help Ryan Garcia in training sessions?

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