Does Max Verstappen have his own GT3 racing team ahead of 2025 competition?

Max Verstappen is currently enjoying the most dominant position of his Formula One career by creating a barrier that seems impossible to break for any other driver on the grid.  Yet, amidst the resounding applause and his success, the Dutch sensation has made it abundantly clear that he does not envision himself as a former racer in 10 years.

Despite the plethora of assumptions surrounding his diminishing interest in the sport’s future, Verstappen has recently shed light on a compelling prospect: the establishment of his very own GT3 Racing team.

Does Max Verstappen have his own GT3 racing team?

Although Max Verstappen currently lacks the assets to fulfill his vision of forming a racing team, he has conveyed to the media his intentions to acquire the necessary elements in the near future. The objective is to establish his own GT3 racing team, set to enter the GT3 class arena from 2025 onward.

The Red Bull driver is currently still deeply involved in preparing himself for the upcoming season of Formula One, despite sharing ambitions beyond his F1 career. In 2023, he will have secured a total of 19 victories out of 22 races, clinching his third World Championship title.

While the prospect of expanding his racing horizons into the GT3 sector is on the horizon, Verstappen has emphasized that his plans are still in the initial stages. In an interview for, he said, “Right now, it’s an early phase.”

What is the long-term goal for Max Verstappen’s GT3 racing team?

Verstappen is preferably setting up a long-term plan for himself by establishing his own racing team in collaboration with Racing. The Dutch driver has to spend a portion of his substantial wealth, approximately $200,000,000+, on the formation of the team.

According to a report by, the financial need to initiate a racing car from scratch and participate in a 24-hour endurance race is estimated to be around $1,400,000.  A large portion of this investment, approximately $550,000, would be used in the specification of the GT-3 car. The remaining funds will be used to cover essentials such as team accommodations, racing track expenses, garage expenses, food, car consumables like oil and nitrogen, and other costs related to car parts and tire sets.

While the entire process of setting up a GT-3 will be lengthy and tedious, Verstappen is resolute in his decision to see his team in action by 2025. In an interview with about his racing project, ‘ Racing’, he conveyed that the project is also a small way for him to support and sponsor the racing projects of people that are close to him. This includes supporting the DTM project of Thierry Vermeulen as well as the Redline sim racing team.

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