Red Bull’s Christian Horner reveals Max Verstappen’s unconventional celebrations after third consecutive world title

Max Verstappen recently became a three-time world champion, having a powerful season at Red Bull. Red Bull and Verstappen celebrated their championship with pomp, and Max was gloriously hailed by everyone for his amazing season. Every driver experiences a plethora of emotions when they finally achieve the big title.

So when Max Verstappen finally took a hat-trick of F1 titles, he had his own way of celebrating the grand moment. While we see many snippets of these moments on social media, some special scenes remain as anecdotes.

Max Verstappen’s spirited Gin and Tonic marathon after Qatar triumph

Max Verstappen is a high-performance driver who has to follow a strict regime of nutrition and training. He is always working on his skills and trying to become a better version of himself. However, Verstappen does not take success lightly, and you will rarely see him party hard. Christian Horner shared a small story about his superstar driver’s post-title celebrations.

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“He’s just a good guy and he’s a fun guy,” Horner told in a podcast. “And he’s old school as well. He won the championship in Qatar and I said ‘Okay, let’s get the whole team together. We’ll just have a couple of drinks. It’s not every day you win a world championship’.

“But it was unusual to win it on a Saturday, right? We’ve a grand prix by the way in 42 degrees on Sunday. So everybody needs to be in bed at a sensible time. Max is five gin and tonics in and we need to stop, everybody needs to go to bed now. So everybody was hanging on Sunday.”

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Max Verstappen was able to win again during the main race but this was a rare slip-up on his part. It just goes on to show that even Max was overjoyed about his third, and he wanted to enjoy it a lot.

Verstappen secured 2023 F1 Championship with six races to spare

Max Verstappen won the 2023 F1 world championship in a convincingly dominant style, breaking numerous records along the way, including the record for most consecutive wins. The highlight of the season was when he achieved the unique feat of clinching the world championship on Saturday.

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen won the championship with six races to go as he breezed through 2023 carrying a huge point gap from his teammate Sergio Perez. It was an achievement that made the whole paddock stay in awe of Max Verstappen.

Who was your favorite driver this season, and how did you react to the powerful race craft Verstappen has shown this season?


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