F1 Champ Max Verstappen downplays security concerns amid firing back at disrespectful United States GP booing

Max Verstappen will be the focus of attention this weekend in Mexico due to safety concerns. Red Bull will have bodyguards around Max in the paddock to prevent any harm. Red Bull remains committed to protecting their star driver, but Max remains calm.

Max Verstappen is fine with the crowd’s booing. However, he’s called for more respect, taking issue to one aspect of his mistreatment during the US Grand Prix. Max is recognized for his dominance on the racetrack, but some fans have yet to fully embrace this reality and resort to disrespectful means.

Verstappen brushes off bodyguard concerns

Despite Helmut Marko’s insistence on Max’s need for protection in Mexico, the reigning world champion finds the Mexican atmosphere to be genuinely warm and welcoming. He remains unfazed by safety concerns, even in the face of recent death threats received by both himself and Kelly Piquet. In his own words,

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“I mean, why not,” said Max Verstappen when asked about the presence of bodyguards.

“I have a bit more security here, but there are always a few countries around the world where it is very busy in the paddock. For example, last year here, it was really, really busy to get from your hospitality to the garage and it just helps to make things smoother on-track, off-track, from your hotel and stuff like that.”

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“We will do it whenever we think it’s helping with the general flow of the weekend. I feel very safe, on, I had a full day of marketing and honestly, it’s been a great reception here like I have always had, so it is good to be back.”

Max Verstappen reacts to controversial boos

While he was generally unaffected by the boos, Max Verstappen was incredibly dissatisfied with their intentions and general lack of respect. It is a tradition in Formula 1 to play the national anthem of the winner’s nation, and while the Dutch anthem was being played, the boos drowned out its tune with their din.

“Of course, I think it’s always good to support your favorite driver, but also to have respect to others. In particular, places while being on the podium when the national anthem is being sung or played, I think it’s always quite disrespectful when you start chanting through these kinds of moments.

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“And that’s why I think it’s good that they are raising awareness because it’s not only in our sport, it’s a lot of different sports where people are trying to raise this kind of awareness.”

Verstappen has consistently displayed remarkable composure in the face of criticism, always choosing to answer his detractors through his on-track performances. However, the recent perceived lack of respect towards his own nation has stirred emotions in the Dutch champion that even his renowned calmness cannot contain.

Do you think F1 should severely punish such hooligans and what methods should be employed to counter them?


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