Red Bull set to implement bodyguards amid growing threats to Max Verstappen at Sergio Perez’s home race

Max Verstappen roared past his competitors even though he was being chased by an incredulously fast Lewis Hamilton, while his RB19 suffered brake issues throughout the race. He won the US GP much ahead of his teammate after fabulously winning his third title in the previous race. Unlike his teammate, however, Sergio Perez couldn’t pull off a miracle show that could land him on the podium.

Max Verstappen’s reception on the podium wasn’t well received and some people in the crowd disrespectfully booed him throughout the event. It turns out that these hooligans were some Mexican fans and they weren’t satisfied with Perez’s treatment at the Bulls.

Safety measures intensify for Max Verstappen at Mexican GP

The jeering comments and boos passed against Max Verstappen during the US GP podium celebration also included chants of Sergio Perez, which have led to some serious doubts in the F1 community. Christian Horner dismissed these chants at first, calling out such fans and explaining that real fans won’t go against the team; however, amidst the growing tension it looks like Red Bull has decided to take things seriously.

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Max Verstappen has been bestowed with two bodyguards ahead of the Mexican GP to ensure his safety and drive the possibility of any attack against him by a particular group of fans. Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is the home track of Checo and it is quite evident that the recent criticisms didn’t fit well with some Mexican fans.

The possibility maybe thin but according to Helmut Marko, they need to take responsibility for their driver, “Max doesn’t actually want that and is relaxed. But we have responsibility for him. So we just want to be on the safe side.”

Perez labels Mexican GP as most crucial amid struggles with Red Bull

Even though, Checo is the home hero around the Mexican track he will have to trudge this weekend carefully as it will be one of the crucial races for him now that the season is ending. Sergio Perez didn’t have a good year and he is under a lot of scrutiny from Red Bull. One may think that Sergio Perez has a contract for 2024 thus, he need not worry about his position in driver’s championship. Regardless, one should remember that Perez is a driver in Red Bull and with perks come their associated risks.

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There is a recent rumor in the paddock that Perez’s Red Bull seat is still in danger and he may have to forfeit it if he doesn’t improve and secure a second position in driver’s championship. Red Bull seems to have given an ultimatum to Perez and the clear favorite for their driver would Daniel Ricciardo who has a good history with the Bulls.

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Will you watch the Mexico GP live and do you think the ‘Mexican Minister of Defense’ will impress his fans this weekend? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments.


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