F1 insider claims Christian Horner’s possible sacking likely to trigger one high-profile Red Bull executive’s exit

Last week, a startling revelation sent shockwaves through the F1 Red Bull racing team as official reports surfaced accusing Christian Horner of serious assault allegations.

The gravity of this case extends beyond the potential impact on the team principal’s career, as suggested by an F1 journalist who contends that another key figure in the team, Adrian Newey, also hangs in the balance pending the verdict, which is yet to be proven true.

Peter Windsor talks on Adrian Newey’s future

Recently, Red Bull has been in a very delicate situation surrounding the ongoing controversies about its team principal, Christian Horner. The 50-year-old has a long history with the team as he watched his star driver Sebastian Vettel secure four Drivers’ Championships and three more consecutive titles by the Dutch sensation, Max Verstappen. Recently, he has been accused of significant allegations by one of his female colleagues, which could have dire consequences if its proven true. Horner could also potentially be sacked from his position by the Red Bull company, according to various sources.

On the other side, Red Bull’s chief technical officer, Adrian Newey, played a vital role in shaping the drivers’ careers by joining the team a year after the team boss. However, Formula One journalist Peter Windsor is making the assumption that the 60-year-old is either retiring or joining a more influential team, which is most likely to be Ferrari if Horner is fired from his position.

He said, “He’s probably of an age where he would really retire. I think he would see it as finally the end of that era when he had Christian as the buffer and the really easy to get along with guy with. They are on the same wavelength. If Christian [Horner] departs, it’ll obviously be bad for Christian. But I think the bigger effect will be what effect it has on Adrian’s future.”

Details on Christian Horner’s case

The Red Bull company will conduct a meeting between Christian Horner and a barrister hired by them, who will be conducting thorough external investigations against all the allegations by the female colleague.

The format of the meeting will be carried out in such a way that Horner is set to present his defence before the inquiry. Following the examination of the evidence, the inquiry will submit its evidence to Red Bull GmbH, which will subsequently decide on the aftermath of the situation. Horner would possess the right to take legal action if required afterwards.

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