Helmut Marko wants to remain silent on Christian Horner’s inappropriate behavior investigation

Red Bull finds itself in a very delicate situation as the 2024 Formula One season approaches, making a crucial turning point for the team principal, Christian Horner. Shockwaves emerged through the F1 community when serious allegations were raised against Horner, placing his career in significant jeopardy.

The team has been strongly affected by the fallout from these accusations. It is especially tough for important people like Helmut Marko, who has a close and long-lasting relationship with Horner on the paddock.

Helmut Marko wants to keep quiet amid Christian Horner investigation

With the 2024 F1 season just around the corner, team principal Christian Horner has found himself in a rather difficult situation. The 50-year-old has been accused of serious assault allegations by one of his female colleagues, according to the Red Bull company, which has become one of the most controversial topics for spectators before the start of the season.

Many F1 experts have already shared their thoughts on the matter. Among all of this discussion, Red Bull team advisor Helmut Marko has chosen to remain silent on the matter. In a phone call with Motorsport-Total, the team advisor was asked to comment on the entire scenario, to which he simply said, “I’m not saying anything about it.”

Horner and Marko have known each other for 27 years and have built the team by planning strategic schemes together. If anyone has observed the team principal closely for a long time, it is the team principal. However, by not choosing to be vocal about the situation in the media yet, the 80-year-old has made it clear how crucial the situation is for the team, as it could also affect their overall performance this season.

Will Helmut Marko lead Red Bull if Christian Horner leaves?

Helmut Marko has unconditionally contributed his ideas and efforts towards the development of the Red Bull team since 2005, defying his age restrictions. In his presence, the main driver of the team, Max Verstappen, has clinched several record-breaking awards, along with recently winning the third consecutive championship of his career.

Even though the 80-year-old has led the team towards its unparalleled success as the team advisor, it was reported that he refused to be the next team boss if Christian Horner has to eventually step down from his position considering the controversy surrounding his reputation at the moment. Team manager Jonathan Wheatley is more likely to be promoted to Horner’s seat if such a situation eventually arises, as reported by various sources.

Whom do you think will be the most fit to be the next principal if Horner has to leave? Let us know about your opinions in the comment section below.


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