F1 Mexican GP race weekend: Podium predictions, weather projections, circuit information, start time and more

Satisfying the hunger of the F1 enthusiasts, another GP will soon be taking place, with the drivers presenting each other with intense challenges throughout the practice sessions. With Mexico’s current humid weather, the upcoming challenges are still somewhat of a mystery to the participants, making the event more thrilling for the audience.

The event will surely be a highlight on the Formula 1 calendar as many drivers’ capabilities will be tested by the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Circuit itself, with spectators eagerly looking forward to the main race.

What is the podium predictions for Mexican GP 2023?

The Mexican Grand Prix is expected to be highly competitive and as there is always an urge to choose Lewis Hamilton as the ultimate winner, the safest answer to assume considering the reality of the situation will be Max Verstappen.

Speaking about the drivers struggling to keep up with the circuit, the first person to come on the list will be Oscar Piastri. The Australian was seen to struggle to manage the circuit, unlike Norris, who got well adapted to the environment early on. As it is the first time Piastri will be performing in the circuit, it is yet to observe the driver’s capabilities in the grid.

Aston Martin’s recent upgrade of the car is providing a ray of hope to the team, as they were on their way to scoring a double-point finish before a rear suspension failure for Fernando Alonso. 

On the other side, Sergio Perez is being put under a lot of pressure, along with carrying the weight of his back-to-back failures. The driver hasn’t had an incredible record in Mexico and hence, considering the probability, it will be a tough battle for him to win.

Last but not least, Ferrari has to start the race from the back of the grid, with all of their previous efforts going in vain. The team will surely face a stressful weekend for both drivers.

What are the weather projections for Mexican GP 2023?

Anticipated conditions in Mexico include high temperatures and humidity; however, there’s also a possibility of rainfall during all three days of the event. More details on the weather is given below.


Conditions: cloudy at sunrise but sunny in the morning, although there is an increasing chance of rain in the afternoon. FP1: 22°C; FP2: 25°C
Maximum temperature expected: 25 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 14 Celsius
Chance of rain: 40%


Conditions: Sunny at first, then partly cloudy with a small chance of rain at the end of the day. FP3: 23°C; Q: 26°C
Maximum temperature expected: 26 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 11 Celsius
Chance of rain: 20%

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 – RACE WEATHER Conditions: Same kind of weather as previous days but with a mix of clouds and sunny spells. A small chance of rain in the afternoon. RACE: 26°C
Maximum temperature expected: 26 Celsius
Minimum temperature expected: 12 Celsius
Chance of rain: 10%

Explaining the circuit information

In Mexico City, the stretch leading to Turn 1 is the longest, making the start crucial for securing track position. The extremely elevated altitude of 2,240 meters significantly affects both car cooling and engine performance, resulting in a low supply of air for cooling and combustion.

This shortage also means there is going to be a lack of downforce, making drivers have a very small amount of gripping force. This requires adaptation during the first practice session (FP1) and is a contributing factor to the common occurrence of tire lock-ups.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez portrays a downforce impact, as mentioned above, but here in Mexico City, you need to push your car to its limit due to the low air density. The vehicle consistently experiences low gripping force on the edge of the circuit.

The substantial braking zones pose challenges in the initial part of the track, and the middle sector always feels slippery due to the aforementioned diminished downforce. It’s important to determine the right amount of curb you can utilize in the early sections; excessive use can make the cars unstable as well.

When does Mexican Grand Prix 2023 begin?

Max Verstappen will be seeking his 16th win at the Mexican GP, breaking his old record all over again and keeping the audience glued to the TV. Different start times for different countries are attached below.

TimezoneStart Time
Central Daylight Time15:00
Eastern Standard Time16:00
Pacific Standard Time13:00
British Summer Time20:00
Central European Time21:00
Brasilia Time16:00
South African Standard Time21:00
Gulf Standard Time23:00
Indian Standard Time00:30 Monday
Japanese Standard Time4:00 Monday
Australian Eastern Standard Time5:00 Monday
New Zealand Daylight Time8:00 Monday
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