Former F1 champ Lewis Hamilton once revealed real reason behind $29 million private jet purchase

Lewis Hamilton knows how to flaunt his riches, which he has accumulated over a decade of success in Formula 1. The Briton already has one of the most expensive contracts among the current drivers, and its no surprise when Lewis becomes a style statement.

Even before Lewis had 7 championships and was a Formula 1 legend alongside Michael Schumacher, he had made a huge purchase which had left the entire community in awe. He explained his reasons later on in an interview.

Lewis Hamilton spills the beans on Jet purchase

Lewis Hamilton had purchased a Bombardier Challenger 605 jet for his personal travels in 2013, with an estimated value of $29 million. It was an expensive and high tech jet which allowed 10 people to travel as per their routes comfortably. Lewis added a touch of his own fashion sense to the jet by painting it red. The Bombardier was one of his prized possessions during his earlier days at Mercedes.

Lewis Hamilton revealed the secrets behind his plane purchase during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. According to Lewis, “I love cars and I love planes, whenever I go to the airport, I see these sad white planes with the saddest of stripe down the middle. So I thought, when I get a plane, Imma pimp it out.”

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton in his private jet via First Sports

He was straightforward about his answer and didn’t hold back from showing his affection towards planes and style. Although, Lewis sadly parted ways with his ride in 2019 to reduce his Carbon footprint, since, private jets are know to pollute much more than commercial ones.

Hamilton eyes stunning purchase after difficult season

Lewis Hamilton had one of the most difficult seasons of his Formula 1 career, as utter hopelessness spread through him after every race. Even though Mercedes was able to secure P2 in the constructor’s championship, Lewis Hamilton could only finish 9th in the race, causing him to be seriously disappointed.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis in Abu Dhabi 2023 via Reddit

During an interview post race, he was asked if Mercedes securing P2 gave him any satisfaction to which he replied, “Not particularly, Not too much. It’s not been a great year in general. The fact I survived it. Probably that’s about it.”

Lewis Hamilton
Hamilton looking for new property via Getty

But, Lewis seems to have found a way to recharge himself over the break and to give himself some rest he is eyeing a stunning real estate purchase at South Coast. He is currently trying to buy a royal mansion, a 6-bedroom house situated in Los Angeles and valued at roughly £12m. The 8500 square feet mansion offers breathtaking views of the city and is fully furnished with every modern luxury, including a screening room for films and a chef’s kitchen.

The 2023 Formula 1 season has ended with lots of ups and downs, however, there are key takeaways awaiting viewers and fans during the winter tests. What are your views regarding the winter tests? Make sure to tell us in the comments section.


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