Toto Wolff compared challenging Red Bull to climbing Mount Everest after securing P2 in the F1 constructors’ championship

Before Red Bull, Mercedes enjoyed a remarkable dominance in Formula One, clinching eight consecutive constructors’ titles and securing seven consecutive drivers’ titles from 2014 to 2021.

However, the current season sees them securing the P2 position in the Constructors’ Championship. Toto Wolff, acknowledging the significant challenges ahead, expressed optimism about reclaiming the top spot in the upcoming season, even though they have a huge hurdle named “Red Bull” to face.

Toto Wolff admits challenge ahead of new F1 season

The Mercedes team boss finds himself in a conflicted state of emotions following the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. One one hand, Wolff is satisfied with the P2 position in the standings and on the other hand, he still remembers the glorious times when they used to secure P1.

The qualifying session proved challenging for both Charles Leclerc and Lewis Hamilton. Initially, there was a heated competition between George Russell and Leclerc, who needed to score four more points to snatch the P2 position from Mercedes. In the end, even though they claimed the second position, it was declared that points were still not enough. Although Leclerc’s performance throughout the entire Abu Dhabi GP is worth a standing ovation.

Looking ahead to the upcoming season, Wolff decides to remain optimistic, even though he can sense the challenges from other teams as well, apart from Red Bull.

When asked about his feelings regarding scoring the second spot, Wolff replied, “when you win on a day-to-day basis, then you win P2, which reminds you that you lost P1. We need to take it on the chin and be humble about it. And consider today a good day. Nevertheless, there is a Mount Everest to climb to catch up with Red Bull.”

Wolff believes in Lewis Hamilton’s triumph

Toto Wolff claims he still has unwavering confidence in the seven-time World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, to resume his performance as a World Champion once he is provided with well-managed machinery.

Wolff said, “From Lewis’s perspective, he had a bad weekend.”

“And I think that doesn’t do anything about him being the greatest driver in the world. If we can give him a car, he will be fighting for a world championship, I have no doubt.”

At the last race, Hamilton finishing in ninth place was simply a “bad weekend,” as claimed by the team principal. Despite the challenges faced on the grid, Wolf’s belief in the British driver’s capabilities remains resolute.

Will Mercedes be able to regain its P1 position from Red Bull? Or will their performance further deteriorate in the upcoming season? Tell us in the comment section below.


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