Former F1 driver Jan Lammers issues contract warning to Sergio Perez on his uncertain Red Bull future: “contracts fall apart”

Sergio Perez finds himself amidst a difficult season, undoubtedly facing one of the most arduous challenges of his illustrious career. The Mexican driver is currently under intense scrutiny and facing a barrage of criticism from fans and pundits alike. Unfortunately, his performances on the track have been far from stellar, leaving much to be desired. Despite his best efforts, he consistently finds himself trailing behind the midfield cars, making it an uphill battle to regain his momentum.

Perez secures a contract extension with Red Bull until 2024 amid such chaos as his team, without a shred of doubt, stands firmly behind the decision to entrust Perez with the wheel of next year’s formidable car. When it comes to Red Bull’s track record with drivers and their contracts, consistency hasn’t always been their strong suit.

Jan Lammers issues contract warning to Sergio Perez

Jan Lammers has issued a warning to Sergio Perez while pointing out the obvious that he needs to step up his game. Sergio Perez has been on the radar for a string of bad performances over many races, and he has been rebuked numerous times by various Red Bull officials.

The ex-F1 driver was quick to remind Perez of his responsibilities and his performance expectations.

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“Where there is no performance, contracts fall apart,” Lammers told media. “Perez has to perform well, otherwise his seat will come under pressure. That’s more than justified.”

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Perez was issued another warning after Verstappen’s new demands made his stay at Red Bull highly volatile. There were numerous rumors about his Red Bull contracts and even some that he was leaving the team, which Christian Horner put an end to.

Red Bull reportedly gave Sergio Pérez an ultimatum

The fight for title had long slipped away from Perez’s hands, and while he is currently P2 in the driver standings, there have been no improvements in his race pace or results with the McLaren duo of Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri taking over recently.

Red Bull is an extremely performance-focused team, and even though there have been numerous stern ‘suggestions’ headed towards Perez by the top brass of the team, a recent rumor suggests something more serious.

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Ever since Daniel Ricciardo joined, things were going to get difficult for Perez to keep his seat. While earlier, these remarks were brushed off as stories, now there have been some new developments in the team. Ricciardo and Perez both have a tentative contract for 2024 at AlphaTauri and Red Bull, respectively. Red Bull have put forth a demand that, in the event if Perez loses his position in the championship, he be stripped off his contract and replaced with Daniel Ricciardo.

Do you think an abrupt change in the Red Bull seats is imminent owing to these fresh demands for Sergio Perez? Let us know your thoughts.


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