Former WWE champ lavishes praise on CM Punk’s mentorship: “Saved my career”

CM Punk, the former WWE Champion, who made a shocking return to the company on November 2023, is currently out of action due to a tricep injury. Following the rumors of his role changes as a commentator, he appeared at the WrestleMania 40 press conference in T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas yesterday as a host of the show.

Recently, a former WWE Champion, who was also part of the WrestleMania 40 press conference, has opened up about Punk’s guidance and mentoring during his early career in the WWE.

Big E hails CM Punk

The former WWE Champion is none other than the New Day’s Big E. In a recent interview on the Sarah O’Connell Show, Big E shared his favourite WWE matches of his career and he pointed a match against CM Punk, that took place in 2013.

Big E said, “I was done with the Dolph Ziggler, I moved onto AJ’s bodyguard. I was done with that, and I was really floundering. I was in a position where I wasn’t really on TV much. I remember coming to work weekly, and I would look, they’d have the card up at a certain point in the day, you see all the matches, and you see, ‘Oh, you’re not on there.’ You talk to the producers.”

Big E said that after his feud ended with Dolph Ziggler, WWE started to reduce his on screen appearance, even though he showed up for the WWE shows every week.

He also said, “That day, I go to work, and I find out that I actually have a match with CM Punk. Sit down, talk about it, go into the match, and whatnot, and thankfully, I felt like I delivered. Because of him, because of him asking to work with me, and when I found out, I went to him and I thanked him. He said so many glowing things about my talent and about how people like me deserve opportunities.”

Big E also revealed that he didn’t know this until CM Punk’s wife, AJ Lee, told him during a day in their gym. He also said that if AJ hadn’t revealed this, he would have never known about this great gesture from Punk. Big E is presently recuperating from a neck injury sustained a year ago and is anticipated to make his return to the ring in the near future.

CM Punk reunited with Big E at WrestleMania 40 kickoff

The WrestleMania 40 Kickoff ended in a heated confrontation after The Rock slapped The American Nightmare, Cody Rhodes, who challenged Roman Reigns for the WWE Undisputed Championship at WrestleMania 40. Despite the conference stage being filled with WWE legends, fans near the announcers’ tables were also in excitement as the hosting team featured CM Punk, Big E, Pat McAfee, and Michael Cole.

CM Punk stole the show with his witty and funny comments, stirring up some drama that happened between Rock and Rhodes. He also wished Rhodes to punch back The Rock and related his story, that happened on 2013, when Rock defeated him for the WWE Championship.

Punk, who is currently sidelined with a tricep injury, made it clear that he was not happy about missing out on WrestleMania 40 and joked that he was going to use his mouth to make an impact.


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