Formula One community reacts to American spectators booing Max Verstappen after he wins F1 United States GP 2023

Max Verstappen doesn’t seem to fall back no matter what situation he is in. Even though he couldn’t get a pole position during qualifying, Verstappen still managed to win the race on Sunday at the US GP. Max fought valiantly against a charging Lewis Hamilton after managing to make his way to the front of the field.

However, the dark side of Formula 1 came into play as fans started booing Max Verstappen on account of his win, an incident that is certainly shameful and demotivating towards the drivers. The entire F1 community has been outraged by this incident and, as they imply, by the fact that every driver needs to be respected.

Helmut Marko fires at American fans after Max Verstappen US F1 booing

Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is a level-headed man and a strong supporter of Max Verstappen. He doesn’t shy away from strong statements, however controversial they are. It was obvious that Marko wouldn’t just listen to the boos hurled at Max Verstappen.

Red Bull chief Helmut Marko still 'angry' about incident from over 25 years  ago | F1 | Sport |
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He had a stern reply to all the American fans who had shown such blatant disrespect towards Max Verstappen. “We are in contact with a lot of Mexicans,” he told Sky Germany. “The majority are very friendly and fair, but there are always some, let’s say enthusiastic people, who don’t maintain the fair sporting standard. But we have no concerns and are happy to go to Mexico.”

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Marko believes that the resistance shown towards Max Verstappen was because of some notorious Mexican fans, since recently a rumor has been spreading about Sergio’s removal from the 2024 seat based on his performance in 2023. He still considers these elements as exceptions who don’t follow sporting standards and is excited to race there.

Formula One community reacts to American fans booing Max Verstappen

The F1 community was highly dismissive of this treatment towards Max and people expressed their disapproval through various social media platforms. Booing has been a part of Formula 1, but the simple effect of these berating actions can cause a driver to suffer massively. The fans collectively wanted to remove such miscreants from the community in order to make the sport more healthy and inclusive.

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Some fans were quick to point out that Max isn’t affected by such acts and he only becomes more determined to win after getting booed.

Another user compared Max Verstappen dominance to other legends of the sport claiming the fact that why should a driver as talented as him be booed for showing his excellence on the race track.

Max is getting booed for winning dominantly, just like his senior Vettel used to get booed but we all know the history. So is it possible that Max Verstappen will create a history of his own? Make sure to drop your opinions in the comments.


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