Helmut Marko exposes Max Verstappen’s lingering weakness despite Red Bull star maturing as a driver

Max Verstappen has undeniably claimed his dominance in the world of Formula One, showcasing exceptional driving skills that have captured the admiration of the public. Even though he is hailed as an unrivaled talent, some of his shortcomings were noticed by the former team advisor.

Recent revelations from Helmut Marko shed light on certain areas where the Dutchman exhibits room for improvement, something that has taken the motorsport world by storm.

Helmut Marko exposes Max Verstappen’s lingering weakness

Verstappen has broken several records this season, along with securing the title of having the most wins in a season by clinching 19 victories out of the 22 races held in 2023. Even though this season was filled with difficult uncertainties and challenges, Red Bull managed to maintain its position at the forefront of Formula One.

The collaboration between the Dutch driver and RB19 emerged as an impossible challenge to overcome by their competitors, with Marko expressing that the F1 2023 surpassed even Red Bull’s expectations too.

The former team advisor not only applauded Verstappen’s consistent victories but also made an important prediction by saying that the three-time World Champion has not reached the peak of his capabilities yet.

However, Marko also outlined some of the Dutchman’s shortcomings, which still need some room for major improvements. When the Red Bull vehicle does not align with Verstappen’s capabilities, the 26-year-old tends to get very impatient, even though he tries to fix the problem as soon as possible.

He said, “Here and there, he gets a little impatient when the car is not exactly to his liking.”

“In the race, he drives confidently and no longer fights when it’s not necessary. He becomes even faster and takes more care of the material. That gives him an advantage again. I would never have thought it possible, so I don’t see any limits to the top.”

Helmut Marko praises Max Verstappen for incredible 2023 F1 season

Marko has praised the collaborative teamwork and Verstappen’s cooperation with considerable praise and acknowledged the importance of Verstappen’s presence in the team. He stated that he strongly admires the Dutch driver’s ability to push himself to his absolute limit with remarkable confidence at every Grand Prix.

He admitted, “It’s something we never hoped for or dreamed of. This season has topped everything we have achieved so far.”

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