Is Ryan Garcia vs Devin Haney boxing bout cancelled? KingRy names Rolly Romero as next opponent

Ryan Garcia has been one of those boxers in the lightweight division of boxing whose intent is to make history, which is why most of his wins come from knockouts only. After defeating Oscar Duarte on December 2, 2023, Garcia was once again ready for the new challenge.

As the boxing community was anticipating a potential bout between Devin Haney and “Kingry,” it looks like there are some changes of plans. Both rivals are already engaged in social media feud after Haney leaked private messages with Ryan Garcia.

Is the Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney bout cancelled?

It looks like there are changes in plans for Garcia, as he doesn’t look interested in competing for the WBC super lightweight championship belt. Ryan Garcia came out on his Twitter ‘X’ handle, showing his desire to fight for something other than Devin’s belt.

But so far, no announcement has been made from the Oscar De La Hoya side, as he earlier confirmed the promotions are looking to book Ryan Garcia vs. Devin Haney soon.

But Ryan Garcia is looking for Rolly Romero in place of Devin Haney this time. The 25-year-old tweeted, “I’ve notified my team I’m going a different route. My intent now is to fight Rolando Romero. I pray my team backs me on this decision. Oscar, make this fight happen. That’s the move. BIGGER FIGHT, BIGGER BUSINESS. #GarciaRomero” There is no confirmation, but there is surely a request from the young boxer to the boss to make the bout happen at the earliest.

As Ryan doesn’t look interested now, fans might have to wait for the rivalry-ending bout that stands at 3-3 so far from 6 amateur bouts.

Ryan Garcia wants to fight Rolly Romero

Garcia looked more obsessed with Rolly’s bout, as he later tweeted with Devin Haney’s name mentioned. Ryan Garcia is claiming Devin Haney can make 30k PPV buys fight, but he believes Rolly Romero’s fight can make a bigger number than their current expected bout.

Ryan tweeted, “After what happens to Rollies, the dev fight will be there and even bigger. Everyone is critiquing now. I will end up seeing it as a better move. Plus, he can go fight Richardson Hitchens. Go do your 30k PPV buys. I don’t need you, dev; you need me.”, giving confirmation that he doesn’t look interested in his oldest rival.

Later, Devin Haney on his Twitter handle warned Garcia not to mention his name in the tweet. He wrote, “Don’t ever mention my name, pu**y boi.”

Ryan earlier confirmed not looking at Devin as his next opponent right now, but with a reply to a tweet, he confirmed running the rivalry fight at some other time in the future with, “You’ll be back. #30kPPVBUYPUSSY”.

Do you think it is the right move for Ryan Garcia to choose Ronaldo ‘Rolly’ Romero over Devin Haney?

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