Jake Paul fires up £30million private jet to surprise girlfriend while training for Ryan Bourland bout

Jake Paul has already sold numerous pay-per-views from his fights at a very young age. Entering the scene in 2018 and debuting as a professional boxer in 2020, he has contributed to the popularization of the influencer boxing scene.

Consequently, The Problem Child decided to purchase a private jet to enhance his luxury lifestyle. Recently, Jake took some time out of his training camp while preparing to take on Ryan Bourland. Besides focusing on his fight, Paul also had someone special to take care of.

Jake Paul spends $200,000 to surprise Jutta Leerdam

After spending $200,000 on a £30 million private jet, Jake chooses to surprise someone special in between the training sessions. There is less than a month left until Jake Paul will take on Ryan Bourtland at the Puerto Rico fight card. The fight will take place in the co-main event, where Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke will feature the main event.

However, before the fight, ‘ The Problem Child’ decided to surprise Jutta Leerdam. Recently, Jake tweeted a vlog where he can be seen coming out of a private jet and surprising his girlfriend, Jutta. Leerdam is a speed skater, and she had a race to come up, but before that, boyfriend Jake decided to surprise her with a private jet.

Jake revealed from his tight schedule that he wanted to meet his girlfriend Leerdam and give her a surprise visit, wishing her luck for this weekend’s race as he will not be able to attend the race. The 27-year-old also decided to surprise everyone by purchasing sneakers for all of them who were present in the shoe store.

Jake Paul takes time off from training camp

Paul has been preparing diligently for his first fight in 2024 against Ryan Bourland. With less than 4 weeks left for the fight, Jake finds some time to travel and have a quick meetup with his girlfriend. While speaking on his vlog, he mentioned his head/tails coin-flipping game, indicating that if he gets tails, he will surely meet Jutta by traveling with his $200,000 private jet.

Jake Paul said, “It’s obviously a private jet there and back to Utah, where she is. It’s like a lot going out of the way. It’s not in the travel plans. So, basically, this is like a $200,000 coin flip for whether or not I see Jutta. If it’s tails, I go see her. If it’s heads, we go back to Puerto Rico, and no one will ever see this content.” Via. Sportskeeda.

At the end of the conversation, Paul also informed his viewers that this surprise will come to an end as he will fly back to Puerto Rico. With that, this vlog will not get uploaded. Luckily for the fans, it was Tails, and they witnessed a memorable act on Jake Paul’s Twitter post.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul dominating Ryan Bourland, who already has 17 wins to his name?


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