Eddie Hearn’s ‘incredibly sad’ Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson remark met with savage response from Nakisa Bidarian

News of Jake Paul’s upcoming fight with Mike Tyson, the former undisputed boxing champion, sent shockwaves around the world, particularly on the internet. Fans and fighters applauded and criticized the fight, as Mike Tyson is more than twice the age of Paul.

The upcoming Jake Paul fight, which will be streamed live on Netflix, has gotten some negative feedback from boxing experts around the world, including promoter Eddie Hearn. Team Jake Paul isn’t happy about these criticisms.

Jake Paul’s manager claps back at Eddie Hearn’s remark

After news broke of Jake Paul’s fight against Mike Tyson, Eddie Hearn made the statement that it was ‘incredibly sad’ about the fight happening. British sports promoter Hearn has applauded Paul’s boxing endeavor but has always been critical of the YouTuber’s chances against the elite boxers of this generation.

Nakisa Bidarian, Paul’s manager, provided a stern response to the comments made by Hearn. “It’s incredibly ironic and, as usual, hypocritical of Eddie Hearn to talk negatively about another event”, said Bidarian who stated the double standards of Hearn who went on to make a fight between 45-year-old Manny Pacquiao and 27-year-old Conor Benn.

Bidarian did not explicitly state Benn’s name, as he mentioned him as a 27-year-old who does not have a boxing license in the UK. “It’s incredibly sad. He spends more time speaking about other people’s business than he does tending his own.” Bidarian further added what he saw as a flaw in the character of the acclaimed boxing promoter.

In addition to being the manager of Paul, Bidarian is also the co-founder of Most Valuable Promotions with the YouTuber. In the recent past, the duo did an interview where they criticized Tommy Fury for ducking Paul despite a $20 million offer. However, Fury recently expressed his interest in rematching Paul but expressed no interest in a KSI rematch.

Where to watch Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson live?

In most of his pro boxing matches so far, Jake Paul has been in the main event, which is the biggest fight of the night. These fights are usually PPV, meaning you have to pay extra to watch them. However, his upcoming fight with Mike Tyson will be different. It won’t be a PPV fight, but instead it will be livestreamed for free on Netflix!

“This event is not a PPV. Free to all 260 million Netflix subscribers…500 million plus homes. Live”, tweeted Paul on where to watch Paul versus Tyson.

Paul’s latest fight, which was against Ryan Bourland, was originally the co-main event of the PPV in Puerto Rico, headlined by Amanda Serrano and Nina Meinke. However, Serrano caught an eye injury that forbade her from competing at the event, and thus Paul versus Bourlan became the final fight of the PPV. Due to the absence of Serrano for the PPV, Most Valuable Promotions offered a complete refund of the tickets.

Before Bourland, Paul fought Andre August in the main event of a fight card that was not a PPV as it was available for free for DAZN subscribers. The fight against Bourland was after a run of 6 events which Paul headlined against the likes of Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley(x2), Anderson Silva, Tommy Fury, and Nate Diaz respectively.

Paul’s first professional fight was a big deal as it was the second most important fight on the same night as a major pay-per-view event headlined by Demetrius Andrade and Luke Keeler. Ironically, his second fight was also a co-main event, and guess what? It was on the same night as another big fight—this time between boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.

Do you think Mike Tyson, at 57, will have a chance at defeating a much younger Jake Paul? Leave your predictions below!


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