Just hours after embracing fatherhood, Ryan Garcia divorces Andrea Celina

Ryan Garcia has been the biggest news in boxing since his return to the ring with a knockout victory over Oscar Duarte on December 2, 2023. Despite facing adversity in the 5th round, Garcia rebounded and secured the win via knockout in the 8th round.

The 25-year-old has already been in drama for a new opponent, whether it will be Devin Haney or Rolly Romero, but Ryan Garcia is clear about what his next step will be in personal life. Garcia and his wife have some big news for fans.

Ryan Garcia celebrates the birth of his kid

Garcia and his wife, Andréa Celina, have been together for a significant period. However, in the fighting community, accomplished fighters with impressive career stats often find themselves navigating challenges in their relationships. This struggle between career and personal life is not uncommon, especially among dominant champions in combat sports.

Recently, Ryan Garcia shared a heartwarming post on his Instagram, introducing his firstborn son, Henry Leo Garcia. He expressed that his son will be even stronger and more good-looking than himself. Ryan also has a daughter, Andrea Celina. Now, “Kingry” is gearing up to share significant news, carrying a weighty sentiment for his fans.

Ryan Garcia divorces Andrea Celina

Just one hour after the newborn’s arrival, Ryan Garcia made a post revealing that he is embarking on a new chapter of life without a partner, officially ending his relationship with his wife, Andrea Celina. However, he emphasized that both of them are committed to prioritizing their child above everything else.

Ryan added to his Instagram post, “As I step into a new chapter in my life, it’s with a heavy heart to share that Drea and I have decided to divorce. While this decision marks the end of our marriage, it’s important to emphasize that our relationship as co-parents remains our top priority.”

After that, he also made sure to praise their relationship together for years, praising his ex-wife Andrea for being the “extraordinary mother” to his two children.

“Throughout our years together, Drea has been an incredible partner and an even more extraordinary mother to our two children. I’m deeply grateful for the years we shared and for her unwavering commitment to our family. As we move forward, my focus remains on the health and well-being of our two beautiful kids. They are and always will be my first priority.”

Later, talking about taking care of his both children’s well-being and health, he made a commitment to being with Drea to make sure his children’s lives were the best and they moved in the right direction.

“I’m fully committed to working together with Drea to make sure our children’s needs and best interests always guide our path forward. I believe our mutual devotion to our children is rock solid, and I trust that together we will continue to provide them with the love, support, and stability they deserve.” Via the Sun.

Later, Garcia requested everyone to respect their decision and understand his family’s privacy. Despite gearing up for an upcoming fight against his chosen opponent, Rolly Romero, the official announcement has not been made. The swift decisions he has been making recently follow the public appearance of Floyd Mayweather and Ryan Garcia partying together, caught on camera.

What’s your take on Ryan Garcia just 1 hour after the new-born announced the divorce from his wife?


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