Kevin Harvick predicts Tyler Reddick to secure COTA win on the bounce: “He’s shown the speed”

In the upcoming NASCAR Cup series event at the Circuit of Americas, excitement is high as it marks the first road course of the 2024 season. Adding to the anticipation is the revelation that Tyler Reddick, last year’s victor at COTA, is being approved as a strong contender for this year’s championship title.

Putting his confidence in Reddick’s abilities is none other than NASCAR expert Kevin Harvick, who made his belief in the American driver clear during a recent interview.

Kevin Harvick bets Tyler Reddick to win COTA 2024

Everyone has been highly anticipating the COTA Championship Series to take place in Austin, which is finally becoming a reality on Sunday. However, some important motorsports individuals, such as the American driver Kervin Harvick.

Harvick has expressed his belief and confidence upon the legendary NASCAR driver, Tyler Reddick. In the previous season, Reddick had secured a victorious triumph, for which he gained trust of several individuals in the motorsports industry.

The 28-year-old has earned a reputation as one of the best Road Course drivers on the grid and will secure one of the best cars from 23XI. This season has been a rollercoaster for Reddick so far, with some poor finishes due to bad luck; however, the driver is optimistic about his future comebacks in this very campaign itself.

Harvick, who has sealed his belief in the driver, stated, “Well, my pick was pretty good last week. I’m going with [Tyler] Reddick. I just think that, they’ve been close. I think he knows that that he can win. He’s shown the speed. I think it’s Reddick.”

Kevin Harvick talks on best racing accident

In Bristol, an unfortunate accident took place as Tyler Reddick lost control amidst a three-way battle with Bubba Wallace and Josh Berry.

However, in a surprising statement, sports analyst Kevin Harvick was impressed with the incident, as he stated, “This might be one of the best incidents that’s happened in a sport.”

Further, he added, “When you have a race like that that you’re unprepared for it frustrates you. that’s the frustrating part for the drivers for us it was great and I think when the drivers go back and they reallythink about a lot of the meetings.”

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