KSI sends stern warning to ‘d*ckhead’ Adin Ross: “I’d slap him in the face”

KSI and Adin Ross have a beef going on, particularly after one of Adin Ross’ boxing events had to be postponed due to sanctioning violations. Ross believes that none other than KSI, who owns the biggest crossover boxing promotion, would snitch on him.

Will they bury the hatchet and go their separate ways with their respective crossover boxing promotions or will they become fierce rivals in the crossover boxing circuit? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, KSI is not one to step back and threw a bold warning Adin Ross’ way.

KSI goes on furious rant at Adin Ross

KSI was a recent guest on the Minimeter’s and Randolph’s What’s Good Podcast where KSI went off at Adin Ross when the controversial Kick streamer’s name came up on the discussions.

“I’d slap him in the face, yeah. I’d slap him,” the British influencer sent a stern warning to Adin Ross as he explained that their beef stemmed from the two having boxing promotions in the crossover boxing realm. “I don’t even want to go on Kick now because of Adin,” KSI revealed that Adin Ross’ association with Kick makes him not want to go on the popular streaming platform.

“I just think he’s a bit of a d*ckhead,” he criticized Adin Ross for allegedly hurting the live stream of Misfits Boxing. Even though both have rival promotions, he believes that there is space for everyone and nobody is there to disturb one another.

KSI sternly believes that Adin Ross was responsible for cops arriving at the venue as a result of an anonymous tip off for a bomb threat. Due to this unfortunate incident, the Misfits Boxing PPV was delayed by two hours.

KSI and Adin Ross beef explained

Adin Ross has a boxing promotion, Brand Risk, streamed on Kick. At UFC 296 in Las Vegas, Ross met up with a boxing official who threatened to take action against Ross for not having a sanction to conduct a boxing event.

Ross believes that it was KSI who snitched against him. Before that, Deen the Great, a boxer signed with Misfits wanted to box for Ross’ promotion. Misfits Boxing threatened to sue Deen as he was in an exclusive contract with them.

After the allegations against KSI for snitching, the Brit claimed that Ross was responsible for Most Wanted, one of the main event fighters of the Misfits Boxing event, pulling out. Most Wanted cited that excessive pressure was the reason for his decision as per MMA Fighting.

However, KSI claims to have proof of Ross bribing Most Wanted to pull out, days before the fight. He is not sure what is the real reason behind the pullout but Ross’ bribe offer made the whole situation messy.

The enemy of your enemy is your friend, and as such, Jake Paul has teamed up with Ross. In one of Ross’ live streams, Paul criticized KSI for the statements he made after the announcement of Jake Paul versus Mike Tyson.

Ironically, Logan, Jake’s older brother, is a close friend and business partner of the British influencer. The duo are founders of Prime Hydration which has now become associated with several sports like the UFC and WWE.

Who do you think is in the wrong? Adin Ross or KSI? Leave your thoughts below!


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