KSI’s coach claims UK star would ‘absolutely kill’ Slim Albaher in response to the Hitman’s fight callout

Slim Albaher is not only a recognized name in the world of acting but also in the entertainment industry. The Yemeni-ancestry boxer, after continuously working hard on his YouTube channel and acting skills, has finally set foot in the influencer boxing scene.

Since influential boxing started, many names have come up, and there are only some who have started their careers with wins. One such name is Slim Albaher, who already has four wins in a row to his name. Slim is also holds the MFB middleweight belt and an MFB light heavyweight belt.

Slim Albaher calls out KSI for a boxing match

It was just a matter of time for Sulieman Albaher to go from being a YouTuber to becoming a boxer, who now has full faith in becoming a significant figure in boxing. Recently, Slim Albaher challenged KSI for the belt using his Twitter ‘X’ handle.

The YouTuber demanded on facing KSI this time, having secured a 4-win streak with no losses. Slim also mentioned that he had evaluated all the fighters and discovered KSI’s proficiency in knockout skills, prompting him to challenge with the phrase “Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace.”

In another tweet, Slim Albaher questioned the UK-based YouTuber’s faith in having what it takes to defeat him. “Be real, @KSI, do you really think you can beat me?”

In the third tweet, Slim Albaher posted a face-to-face confrontation with the 30-year-old in England and included a YouTube URL link to the footage. This callout for a fight comes after the rumors of a potential bout between Jake Paul and Slim were dismissed by Eddie Hearn.

KSI’s coach says JJ would ‘absolutely kill’ Slim Albaher

The reply to the call-out was as expected, and this time it looks like more than JJ, his coach is interested in giving a prediction if the fight takes place in the boxing ring. Alexis Demetriades also had a face-to-face encounter with Slim Albaher on the same night, expressing support for his student’s abilities and making a claim that could potentially inflict serious damage to the 29-year-old.

Demetriades claims KSI can “absolutely kill” him if there is no camera around if the fight takes place outside of the boxing ring. On his YouTube channel, Slim Albaher didn’t look happy with the statement KSI’s coach made. He kept talking about it and even asked fans and officials to make this happen as he wanted to prove to his coach that his student does not have enough skills to do it.

Earlier, KSI criticized Albaher for refusing to accept the fight against Salt Papi, calling him a “b**ch.” This comes after Albaher initially challenged Salt Papi to a fight but later seemed to disappear.

What do you guys think? Will this fight take place between KSI and Slim Albaher?


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