Lewis Hamilton checks off “personal goal” ahead of Japanese GP

Lewis Hamilton secured a 3rd place in the Singapore GP maneuvering an aptly balanced Mercedes W14 and impressing fans with the race pace he showed. This season has been better for Hamilton compared to last year’s disaster he had. It seems like he still wants to fight for wins and get that record 8th causing him to sign an extension contract with Mercedes.

He had an interesting moment with Max Verstappen in the race too, when he passed the suffering Red Bull of Max Verstappen causing the entire F1 fandom to fall in the heat of argument over his old rivalry with Verstappen.

Lewis Hamilton to don Hajime Sorayama designed helmet

Lewis Hamilton had a personal checklist of getting a new helmet that was designed by one of his favorite artists, Hajime Sorayama. He had been reportedly working on Lewis’s personal brand- LH44 products. Lewis’s new helmet has a funky look and in the photos it resembles a futuristic soldier from video games and ‘Robocop’.

Screenshot 2023 09 21 175613

Lewis took to the social media to share this news and flaunt his style with his admirers. He is a fashionista who loves to dress up and more than often his outfits give him a bold look or catch the attention of everyone in the paddock. He had double celebrations including his team X44’s win in Extreme E and this makes the new helmet further more special.

It seems like Japan had a pleasant surprise waiting for him in form of a new helmet, and Lewis loved it very much.

Hamilton shows support for Sebastian Vettel project

A familiar face graced us at the track this weekend in form of Sebastian Vettel. The F1 maestro unveiled his new project in form of ‘Buzzin Corner’ clearly visible on the turn 2 of Suzuka circuit. He painted the curbs of his favorite track in black and yellow resembling the bees. He intends to promote Biodiversity with this new project and he thinks that bees are very suitable to be the face of his new endeavor.

Screenshot 2023 09 21 180405

Lewis Hamilton decided to share this information in his story supporting Sebastian Vettel. He has always promoted Vettel’s projects and has been actively involved in spreading out his messages. He also mentioned that after Seb’s retirement there won’t be a driver, who raises important issues the way he does.

Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian share a great friendship over years of rivalry and Mercedes even celebrated it by posting the fact that Lewis is the only guy that Seb follows on Instagram.

Screenshot 2023 09 21 180523

It was almost a dream wish coming true for Lewis, as he posed for the photoshoots of the new accessory which will adorn his head.


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