Logan Paul attacked Rey Mysterio backstage on WWE SmackDown ahead of Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

After returning to the WWE Universe following an absence of almost three months, Logan Paul is making headlines in every WWE show he appears in. In last week’s episode of SmackDown, his match against Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship was confirmed.

After that, he appeared on the last episode of Raw and got on good terms with Dominik Mysterio which was surprising for WWE fans. However, on this week’s episode of SmackDown, Paul shocked fans by attacking the Master of 619 without any reason.

Logan Paul attacked Rey Mysterio on WWE SmackDown

Logan Paul made a great comeback on last week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown after finishing his boxing match with Dillon Danis. The YouTuber-turned-wrestler had been absent from WWE since the last SummerSlam. However, upon his return, Logan Paul wasted no time in challenging Rey Mysterio for the United States Championship title.

They are set to face each other on November 4 at Crown Jewel 2023. During the most recent episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Logan sneakily attacked United States Champion Rey Mysterio backstage. Mysterio was watching his Latino World Order stablemates, Santos Escobar and Carlito, fight against Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford when the attack occurred.

Before the attack, everything seemed to be going well for Mysterio. Rey Mysterio was watching the whole match pretty optimistically until The Maverick blindsided him and dropped him with just one attack. After attacking, Paul said, “It takes only one punch”. This incident has escalated the rivalry between both stars with just a few days left for their most awaited match.

Logan Paul to potentially face Kevin Owens in the future WWE?

Since returning to WWE, Logan Paul has been featured in three different WWE shows within just 8 days. The YouTuber is set to face the Master of 619 at WWE Crown Jewel 2023. However, Paul is rumored to face a new opponent after Crown Jewel according to a report from BWE, and that wrestler is none other than Kevin Owens.

During the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, it seems that WWE might have hinted at a possible feud between Logan Paul and Kevin Owens. While Rey Mysterio was watching his Latino World Order stablemates compete in a tag team match, Logan Paul ambushed him backstage. Following the attack, a female WWE reporter approached Logan Paul for an interview to find out why he attacked the Hall of Famer.

He explained his actions saying “You should never let your opponent know your next move” and he also stated that his fist is larger than Rey Mysterio’s head. After saying that The Maverick was walking away and noticed Kevin Owens standing backstage. It was seen that K.O. was wearing a white Rey Mysterio shirt. After that, Logan pointed to Owens’s t-shirt and said “wack” with disgust.

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