Max Verstappen back to business as F1 season approaches after Early 2024 sojourn in Switzerland

Following the conclusion of the 2023 season, drivers have been enjoying a well-deserved break from the demanding schedule of the sport, sharing glimpses of their holiday plans on social media. In contrast, Max Verstappen took a different approach.

The Dutch driver maintained a low profile, keeping the whereabouts of his holiday activities undisclosed for a certain period of time. It was only through his girlfriend’s posts that he became aware of Verstappen’s holiday plans.

Max Verstappen back in town after holiday with girlfriend

The upcoming 2024 season is still far away to be unfolded, and grabbing this golden opportunity, drivers have decided to take a long break from their tedious schedule by participating in various fun winter activities.

Although Verstappen’s location for an increasing amount of time was completely unable to be traced, thanks to his beautiful girlfriend, Kelly Piquet, the media is now able to locate the Dutch driver and his family. It turned out Verstappen had decided to completely ignore his competitive self for a while and travelled to Gstaad in Switzerland to enjoy the mountains filled with snow with his lovely partner and adorable child, Penelope.

In Kelly’s recent Instagram post captioned “Mountain Moments,” several other friends were also spotted visiting the Red Bull driver’s family in pure harmony and joy.

Ralf Schumacher selects Lando Norris to challenge Max Verstappen in 2024 F1

In the 2023 season, the world witnessed one of the greatest moments in Formula One history, with Red Bull dominating the entire grid with the help of the three-time world champion, Max Verstappen.

The Dutch driver had single-handedly secured victory in 19 out of 2022 races. However, there were 3 teams that came incredibly close to surpassing Red Bull, with them being McLaren, Mercedes, and Ferrari.

However, McLaren has so far caught the attention of most of the Formula One officials by scoring nine podiums until the conclusion of the 2023 season. Lando Norris had taken seven of the podiums, with Oscar Piastri scoring two as well. A former F1 driver witnessing the heated battle between the two teams claimed that McLaren and their main driver, Lando Norris, would be the most likely to challenge Verstappen’s skills on the tracks.

He said, “Lando is an amazing racer, but maybe sometimes he wants a bit too much in qualifying. And he could be the one I think to challenge Max if the car is good enough.”

Do you think McLaren will be able to surpass Red Bull in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below.


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