Max Verstappen faced random inspection after Saudi Arabia GP and the result is what everyone expected

Red Bull, renowned as the most dominant team in the motorsports world, has consistently showcased its strength through a combination of top-tier personnel and strategic decision-making.

Despite the team’s esteemed reputation, following the conclusion of the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the FIA opted to subject the newly developed RB20 to rigorous testing to ensure its compliance with regulations regarding performance capabilities.

Max Verstappen’s RB20 went under inspection after Saudi GP

Despite Max Verstappen’s incredible victory at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, the FIA kept his brand-new RB20 car on the grid for a little bit longer due to a thorough examination of its features.

They investigated the front and rear suspension dampers, engine air intake system, oil and coolant system, charge air cooling and sensors. Later on, all components were found to be compliant with the regulations. This also means that the Dutch sensation is now allowed to race at the next Australian Grand Prix. He said, “It is always great to be in Melbourne and amazing to see all the passionate racing fans coming to support.”

“We are looking forward to racing in Melbourne this week. It is a very fast track layout now, which requires a good mix of getting straight-line speed as well as decent grip in the corners, so it’s all about finding that middle ground. The recent resurfacing has made the track a lot smoother and fun to drive too, so we are looking forward to that.”

Furthermore, he added, “Getting used to the jet lag is always a challenge Down Under, but it is always great to be in Melbourne regardless and amazing to see all the passionate racing fans coming to support!”

Max Verstappen favorite to clinch victory at Australian GP

In Melbourne, Max Verstappen is expected to secure his third consecutive victory of the season amidst the ongoing chaos surrounding team principal, Christian Horner.

In both of the opening Grand Prix events, the three-time World Champion emerged victorious, with Sergio Perez following closely behind in the standings. Therefore, it is widely believed that the Australian Grand Prix will also be a resounding success for the talented 26-year-old.

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