Max Verstappen helps Christian Horner win €500 bet with Marko Helmut with one move: ‘like getting blood out of a stone’

Formula One, often associated with intense competitiveness and strict discipline, occasionally witnesses moments of good-natured fun and lightheartedness. The recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix provided a perfect example of this when Christian Horner, the team boss, injected a bit of amusement into the high stakes.

In a delightful turn of events, Horner engaged in a friendly bet with Helmut Marko, with an outcome of €500 related to Max Verstappen’s performance, making the Dutchman proud of himself again.

Max Verstappen helps Horner win €500 bet

In a fortunate turn of events during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Christian Horner found himself €500 richer, thanks to Max Verstappen’s exceptional performance. Former Motorsport advisor Helmut Marko bet against the Dutch sensation, claiming that he would not be able to earn a front-row seat.

However, Verstappen exceeded his expectations by clinching a fourth consecutive pole position, outpacing Charles Leclerc by a mere tenth of a second.

The sweet taste of victory made Horner convey the good news to Verstappen over the radio during the cool-down, contrasting Hamilton’s accusations regarding the duo. The unexpected victory not only catalyzed the Dutchman’s spirits but also highlighted the unpredictability and excitement that make Formula One a captivating spectacle for fans worldwide.

The team boss told Verstappen joyfully  “Well done, mate; you’ve just won me €500 off Helmut, which is like getting blood out of stone. Fantastic job.”

Verstappen, who was in awe after the declaration of the bet, asked, “What world are we living in?”

Verstappen hits out at F1 over drivers’ health

In Formula One, there have been rapid transitions from one place to another due to the unending Grand Prix, which takes place consistently. This has hugely affected the driver’s health, making Verstappen vocal about the recurring issue. He said, “It’s not sustainable,” when asked about the routine of the Grand Prix.

The 2023 calendar originally boasted 24 races, two of which were cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. The FIA, therefore, plans out 24 promising races for the next season in different circuits without any miss.

The three-time World Champion voiced his concerns about the environmental impact and the toll it takes on drivers for the continuous jet lag and practice sessions despite being unwell. Therefore, Verstappen pledges a balance between the excitement of the sport and prioritizing the drivers’ health and well-being.

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