Max Verstappen receives the 2023 DHL Fastest Lap Award, completing 3x more laps than other F1 drivers

The 2023 season witnessed Red Bull surpassing even their own initial expectations, achieving heights that they had not seen earlier. Max Verstappen, in particular, emerged as a blessing for the team, catalyzing their status as the most formidable force on the grid.

Red Bull has already been glorified with numerous victories throughout the season. Yet, on top of this impressive list of team accomplishments, Verstappen’s new personal triumphs have added a layer of glory in recent times.

Max Verstappen receives the 2023 DHL Fastest Lap Award

Max Verstappen and the Red Bull team clinched additional victories for their collection for the 2023 season at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with Verstappen securing the DHL Fastest Lap award while the Red Bulls claimed the Fastest Pit Stop award.

It is definitely not surprising, as the Dutch driver was already guaranteed to solidify his status as the driver with the fastest laps for the second consecutive year, polished with an impressive eight fastest laps.

The Red Bull driver was honored with the trophy ahead of the race for his unparalleled speed on the track. Three-time W Series Champion Jamie Chadwick presented Verstappen with the award in a pre-race ceremony, further highlighting the recognition of his outstanding achievement.

How many laps Max Verstappen completed in 2023?

Verstapen engraved his name in Formula One history with a season that stands as a record-breaking year for Red Bull. The triple world champion’s tribute at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix marked his 19th victory of 2023. The Red Bull driver’s remarkable season included milestones such as the most laps led in a single season.

A particular record was also shattered in Vegas, where Verstappen led for 29 laps before claiming the chequered flag, a victory that was broken 60 years later. This achievement contributed to the Dutch sensation leading an astounding 70.06% of laps throughout the 2023 season, surpassing the previous record set by Jim Clark in 1963.

Additionally, at the Qatar GP, Verstappen overtook Vettel’s record of leading 739 laps in a season. The Worldwide Champion now holds the record at 1,003 and has more to score in the future. The Dutch sensation has left a legacy imprinted for the new young upcoming drivers who will be profusely inspired by Verstappen, as he, despite being a young driver, achieved victories that even experienced drivers cannot secure in their lifetime.

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