Max Verstappen records: which ones can be broken by the Red Bull driver in 2024?

Max Verstappen has had a standout season in Formula 1, marking a record-breaking highlight in his career. The Dutch driver has showcased unstoppable dominance, outperforming all competitors on the grid and drawing comparisons to legendary figures according to F1 experts.

Even with these achievements, there are still some records awaiting Max Verstappen to break, adding to the excitement for the upcoming 2024 season.

More wins than any other Red Bull driver

In the 185 races that Max Verstappen has participated in so far in his career, he has achieved an impressive 54 victories, a success that brought glory to the Red Bull team.

However, he is only six wins away from surpassing any other Red Bull driver’s total victories. If luck is on his side, the 26-year-old might break that record in the first US race of the year.

Fifth most wins as a nation

Verstappen hasn’t just secured wins individually. He has also propelled his nation to the sixth position in the table, only trailing behind the Finnish quartet comprising Mika Häkkinen, Keke Rosberg, Heikki Kovalainen, and Valtteri Bottas.

The bigger news is, if the Red Bull driver somehow manages to clinch all the race victories in the 2024 season, he would move Netherlands up to 78 wins behind France, Brazil, Germany and the UK.

Four World Championships

We know that the 26-year-old won three Championship titles including the one he won last year. However, if he manages to secure his fourth title this season, he will surpass the records of the four legends—Prost, Schumacher, Hamilton, and Fangio—in Formula 1 history, all of whom achieved all four titles in their respective careers.

Verstappen is also one of the youngest drivers who have been compared to Michael Schumacher by F1 experts for quite some time now. It is only fair he cements his place next to Schumacher soon.

Consecutive victories

In 2023, spectators witnessed Max Verstappen dominantly winning every race with his formidable driving skills.

The current record for the most consecutive victories is 10, and Verstappen’s record stands at 7, having won every race since Suzuka. This season, he needs to win the first three races to break this record and claim the title of securing the most consecutive victories.

Wins with same constructor

same: Verstappen had started his Formula 1 career in Toro Rosso, the junior team of Red Bull and clinched his first win in 2016. Even after eight years with the team, transitioning to the senior team Red Bull, the Dutchman continues to dedicate his passion to driving for Red Bull, climbing the ranks of drivers with wins for the same constructor.

It is truly a proud moment for the “Unbeatable Bulls,” and shortly, if his dominance remains consistent, Verstappen will surpass Hamilton, who is at the top of the list, and break this record too.

100 podiums

Throughout his Formula 1 career, the Red Bull driver has always managed to secure two consecutive podium finishes in a single season. Currently, Verstappen has 98 podium finishes, with only two more needed to reach a milestone.

With his new car this season, it shouldn’t be difficult for the driver to achieve this feat once again.

3,000 laps led

As of now, Verstappen has led 2,858 laps in a Grand Prix, securing the fifth position in Formula 1 history. He has the potential to increase this record easily this season.

If every race this season is at full distance, with 142 more laps, the Dutch sensation could surpass the 3,000 mark. Given the proximity, this milestone could occur around the 20th lap of the Australian Grand Prix this year.

200 Grand Prix starts

Lastly, the most assured career milestone for the World Champion is his 200th GP start. The World Champion currently has 185 starts, which indicates that his 200th start will actually take place in the Netherlands, his homeland, if all goes well.

Which of the career milestones mentioned above do you think Max Verstappen is guaranteed to secure? Tell us in the comment section below.


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