Max Verstappen secures his first 2024 victory outside of F1 with Gianni Vecchio and Ole Steinbraten

Max Verstappen had an extraordinary driving journey last year, securing back-to-back race victories and ultimately earning the prestigious title of “three-time World Champion.” The Red Bull driver seems to have versatile talent, excelling across various racing categories.

The current year also began on a positive note for the Dutch sensation, as he clinched his first victory of 2024 by winning the iRacing virtual Daytona 24H according to the ongoing circulation of reports.

Max Verstappen wins the iRacing virtual Daytona 24H

Ahead of the official Formula 1 season in 2024, Max Verstappen decided to take a step back and engage in virtual racing instead. However, in this category too, the Dutch driver was unbeatable. Over the weekend, Verstappen secured an incredible virtual victory in the GTD class of the iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona, with teammates Ole Steinbraten and Gianni Vecchio.

The three-time World Champion led Team Redline #69 and skillfully paved a path for them towards victory with the help of a GT3 car. While the team faced major challenges, there was also an intimidating encounter with the Mercedes-Benz car.

The team successfully navigated through the tense moment with their sister car, which ultimately secured a third-place finish in the same class. Despite the challenges, Verstappen and his team progressed towards their victorious objective. Unfortunately, in the GPT class, Redline faced difficulties, leading to the William eSports team claiming their first position. However, Verstappen took the wheel for the final segment in his virtual machinery, ultimately crossing the finish line to secure a class victory, leading the #199 Stormforce ART car.

Max Verstappen claims he achieved all his F1 goals

Max Verstappen firmly claims of reaching all of his goals in a single season. In the last season, the Red Bull driver was at the peak of his career by breaking numerous records held previous by legendary drivers in the motorsports industry and set a barrier which seems impossible for any current drivers on the grid to break now.

Despite his fame, Verstappen has not really specified any goals for his career in Formula One, although he did claim that all of his main objectives, such as winning a championship, being on the podium, and achieving pole position, had already been achieved by him last year.

He said, “When I won my first title, I said that everything that comes next is a bonus because, realistically, in F1, I’ve achieved everything that I wanted to achieve. Being on the podium, having a pole position, winning a championship. These kinds of things were my dream to achieve in Formula One. From now on, I’m just, yeah, trying to stay on top.”

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