Max Verstappen secures third consecutive pole position at the Austrian GP, finishing ahead of Sainz

The atmosphere at the beginning of the 2024 Australian Grand Prix was electric, as drivers eagerly took the grid, fueled by fierce competitiveness. Each F1 driver had set their pace to shine as the ultimate winner at the end, including the reigning World Champion, Max Verstappen.

As the race unfolded, spectators were enthralled, and their anticipation met with satisfaction as their beloved three-time World Champion once again seized victory on Australian soil.

Max Verstappen dominant performance secured pole position at GP

Despite being one of the strongest contenders on the track, Max Verstappen has decided to play the “mystery game” and not showcase his true driving potential until the main race of every Grand Prix. Spectators would be more engrossed in the entire event if there was no guaranteed certainty of him winning every race.

The third race of this campaign has taken place in Melbourne, where the free practice sessions clearly portrayed Ferrari’s guaranteed win on the grid. Verstappen has secured the top spot on the track once again, celebrating Red Bull’s third glorious victory of the campaign.

Initially, the Dutchman had set a record of 1m 16.048s in the first runs of Q3, but he rapidly improved his pace in the final laps with a record of 1m 15.915s. As a result, despite a heated battle with Carlos Sainz, he surpassed his time by 0.270s.

Carlos Sainz qualifies next to Verstappen on the front row

After a life-threatening surgery, Carlos Sainz has performed incredibly well in Melbourne, missing victory for only a split second of time. The Spaniard had gone through appendix surgery, due to which he was unable to participate in the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.

However, Sainz has decided to prove this season to be the best campaign of his entire career to prove his driving skills to Ferrari and the other F1 teams on the grid. Apart from his health issues, the 29-year-old also had to hear the unfortunate news of his departure, which, according to team principal Fred Vasseur, is the current reason for Sainz’s incredible pace on the grid, setting a record of 0.270s at the Australian Grand Prix.

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