McLaren ace Lando Norris claims credit for Mercedes’ escape to P2 in Constructors’ Championship

In the intense and high pressure of Formula One, maintaining a lighthearted atmosphere on the grid becomes crucial for drivers to preserve their sanity. Amidst the stressful environment  of the racetracks, drivers often tend to help their competitors unknowingly.

Such a scenario occurred  at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. A notable instance unfolded involving young talent Lando Norris, who helped Mercedes keep their second position in the standings steadily.

Norris jokes about his role in Mercedes’ P2 triumph

At the Yas Marina Circuit, there have been recurring instances of unpredictable moves by the drivers. Sergio Perez made a bold move in Sunday’s race by diving down the inside of Lando Norris at Turn 6 hairpin. The result was the collision between the two drivers , leading to a five-second penalty for Perez, whose position dropped to 4th place after the penalty execution.

This incident was extremely crucial for George Russell, as Perez could not establish a five-second gap by the race’s end. Ferrari would have secured the second position in the constructors standings if the collision somehow failed to occur.

In a lighthearted response, Norris jokingly remarked that Silver Arrows owes him a bit of money for unintentionally aiding their cause over the weekend.

“I don’t think it changed our outcome.” Norris told Channel 4 when asked about the contact with Perez and how it affected his race.

“Actually, it helped Mercedes to P2 in the championship, which they can thank me for, so they can give me a little bonus!”

George Russell thrilled as Mercedes secures P2 in Constructors’ Championship

George Russell expressed his satisfaction as he was able to be useful for the team at the Abu Dhabi GP by helping Mercedes secure second place in the standings. Russell encountered numerous challenges starting from the fourth position; however, he quickly overcame the hurdles and overtook Oscar Piastri, the other McLaren, after a multi-lap battle.

When he was asked how much P2 meant to him, the British driver replied, “It meant a huge amount. There are so many people back at the factory—Brackley and Brixworth—who have worked so hard to achieve this. It’s been a challenging season.”

Do you think George will be able to match Hamilton’s previous dominant performances in the future? Tell us in the comment section below.


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