Oscar Piastri shows self-satisfaction after accomplishing one of his main goals in his rookie season

In the 2023 season, McLaren witnessed the most remarkable improvement among all teams, experiencing an increasing boost in pace following a significant update to their car in Austria. However, their enhanced performance that led to the fourth position in the standings, ahead of Aston Martin, was not solely due to the MCL60 car.

The team’s two drivers showcased exceptional driving skills; particularly noteworthy was Lando Norris, who, despite being a rookie in the previous season, played a crucial role in their success.

Oscar Piastri assesses his rookie F1 season

Oscar Piastri, despite having made his Formula One debut in the 2023 season, has been one of the greatest rookies of the previous season. The Australian has not only secured two podiums and won a sprint race in Qatar, but he has also given a heated battle to his team partner, Lando Norris.

Daniel Ricciardo was replaced by the Australian driver due to his consistent underperformance on the grid. However, upon arriving at the paddock, Piastri has tried his best to stay out of trouble, abiding by the rules and mainly focusing on his driving skills.

The 22-year-old has also expressed his euphoria by proving all the other drivers who underestimated his skills throughout the season. Piastri said, “Of course, there’s an element of respect, and I guess racing people is how you want to be raced in some ways. I guess I always try and race people hard, but fair.”

“At the beginning of the season or the beginning of your career, it’s always important to show people that you’re not a pushover because it’s not a nice thing to have.”

Zak Brown aware of potential duel between Piastri and Lando Norris

The McLaren drivers have an understanding relationship and a strong sense of respect for each other, as confirmed by the driver. However, Zak Brown claims that the future could witness the greatest rivalry between the two if one of them reaches a milestone before the other.

Interestingly, the spectators witnessed Lando Norris, whose frustration grew during the final racing period of the year, while Piastri, on the other hand, was enjoying strong form. Both of them have a remarkable pace on the grid, which increases their possibility of developing strong rivals in the future.

When asked about their inevitable duel in the future, Zack replied, “I think it’s something that we’re well aware of. It’s something that I think we’re particularly good at. That’s an area that Andrea and I chat about all the time.

“I very much enjoy working with the drivers; I think if you look at [Fernando] Alonso, Carlos [Sainz], and Daniel [Ricciardo], even though unfortunately it didn’t work out, we had a great relationship.”

“So I think driver management is one of our strengths.”

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