Paddy Pimblett sends harsh warning to Logan Paul, telling him to stick to “fake fighting” in the WWE

Taking a swipe at Logan Paul’s PRIME energy drink, Paddy Pimblett has ramped up his conflict with Paul by releasing a daring advertising campaign for his BodyFuel sports drink in London. “The Baddy” became quite famous when boxer and YouTuber Logan Paul challenged him to a battle.

Even though they have gone in separate directions, the UFC-WWE merger opens the door to the prospect of a partnership between Logan Paul and WWE. Paddy recently accused Logan and Dillon Danis of putting on a sham battle in the ring and warned him to think twice before entering the mixed martial arts arena.

Paddy Pimblett tells Logan Paul to stick to WWE

Logan Paul, a renowned YouTuber with notable boxing matches, including a practice bout against Floyd Mayweather Jr., recently added another victory in Misfits Boxing against Dillon Danis, further solidifying his accomplishments in combat sports. Additionally, drawing on his background as a skilled high school and college wrestler, Paul has showcased his wrestling abilities and is now the WWE champion of the United States of America.

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In an episode of the Happy Hour Podcast, Paul voiced his desire to fight Paddy Pimblett in a mixed martial arts fight, but the Englishman was vehemently against the notion. “The Baddy” gave a direct warning to the WWE superstar, indicating that he would cripple him if they were to compete against each other.

Even Baddy gave Logan an advice to remain in WWE since Paddy is going to defeat him if he goes back to competing in MMA. Those who follow Logan are anxiously awaiting his reaction to this daring challenge. 

Paddy Pimblett stated, “I’ve seen Logan Paul saying he’d fight me in an MMA fight. I’ll slap his knee ligaments in 12 places so he’ll never walk again. The big juice head. He is a proper tool. He needs to stick to wrestling lad. He needs to stick to like fake fighting.”

Paddy Pimblett says Logan Paul-Dillon Danis fight was staged

Paddy Pimblett’s recent appearance on the Happy Hour Podcast stirred up social media when he boldly claimed that a showdown between him and Logan Paul would leave Paul paralyzed. This audacious statement sparked a mix of anger and excitement among Logan’s admirers, who are now eagerly anticipating a potential ring face-off.

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‘The Baddy’ also offered his thoughts on the battle between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis, calling it staged and saying it was a total waste of time. Pimblett said that Danis reportedly hit the security officers more often than he did Logan. The UFC fighter wasted no time in calling the whole bout a staging.

Do you think those claims of Paddy against Logan Paul are true? Share your opinion in the comments. 

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