R Truth gets acknowledged as Judgment Day member by son Chris Killings’ basketball coach

Some storylines are guaranteed to bring in significant revenue for the WWE universe, and one of those narratives is R-Truth’s participation in Judgement Day. Following his unexpected performance at Survivor Series, R-Truth surpassed CM Punk to become the most successful athlete in terms of apparel sales.

R-Truth is hell-bent on joining Judgement Day, and he’s even gotten his son’s basketball coach to acknowledge him, all because Mami recently denied being a member of the group. This unanticipated turn of events has captured the attention of the wrestling community as still some people think that Truth is with Judgment Day.

R Truth gets acknowledged as the Judgment Day member by son’s coach

R Truth,” also known as Ron Killings, is a seasoned athlete who has gained approximately 30 years of expertise in the sport of wrestling. Scepticism around R-Truth’s affiliation with The Judgement Day on RAW persists, despite his recent efforts to associate himself with the show.

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To further establish his alleged membership, R-Truth even adopted a new hairstyle, seemingly proving he is not associated with Judgement Day. This clarification was made evident by Rhea Ripley in a recent tweet.

On a different note, as a junior guard at Penn State – Greater Allegheny, Chris Killings, the son of R-Truth, achieved an inspiring personal milestone by scoring his 1,000th point. Despite ongoing uncertainty among supporters, Coach Daryn Freedman took to Twitter to express gratitude to Chris and acknowledge R-Truth as a member of The Judgement Day.

R Truth winning over Judgment Day members with merch sale profits

R Truth seems to be winning over The Judgement Day group on “WWE Raw,” and he has been making progress towards joining them in recent weeks. Along with Dominik Mysterio, Finn Balor released an upbeat video.

Truth’s ambition to join The Judgement Day takes off after he starts making money. In the January 15th episode of Raw, Truth offered Damian Priest a cut of the profits from the sale of Judgement Day t-shirts in response to his worries about the merchandise.

R Truth
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WWE has introduced a new line of products, the ‘Judgement Day & R-Truth Three Amigos T-Shirt,’ priced at $32.99. This marks the third shirt in the series. Truth shared the proceeds with Balor and Mysterio, who later participated in a tag team bout on the program, receiving a portion of the money from t-shirt sales.

However, the absence of payment for J.D. McDonagh, who was not featured on the shirt, further intensified the rifts within the group. In a video, Balor and Mysterio are seen celebrating the earnings. Given the current trajectory of events, R-Truth may soon be able to officially join the faction.

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