Grayson Waller lashing out on talk show hosts brings back memories of infamous Hulk Hogan, Richard Belzer choking drama

Grayson Waller and LA Knight were recently seen in Perth, Australia for the promotion of WWE’s biggest pay per view, The Eliminaton Chamber. WWE announced that the event will take place in Perth for the second time in February.

As part of the promotional efforts, both superstars were guests on a TV show. The show concluded with a heated controversy, as Waller went against the host, reminiscent of the incident involving Hulk Hogan that occurred in WWE 40 years ago.


Grayson Waller incident reminds fans of Hulk Hogan’s infamous choking incident

After the actions form Grayson Waller on the live TV show, WWE fans began to compare the incident with the infamous chocking incident that took place on a live TV in 1984. On a TV show, Hot Properties, the WWE Hall of Fame Hulk Hogan and Mr. T appeared in the show to promote their tag team match at WrestleMania I.

The show host Richard Belzer, argued with Hogan, saying WWE is fake and asked Hogan to put him in a submission move. Hogan agreed and put Belzer in a front chin lock. Immediately Belzer passed out and slipped from Hogan’s grasp, hitting his head on the floor with a loud crack. Hogan tried to wake him up and Belzer regained consciousness after a commercial break.

After the show Belzer was hospitalised and sued Hogan for $5 million for personal injury. He got nine stitches in the back of his head and claimed that Hogan ignored his signal that he was suffocating. This unexpected and real-life drama added an element of shock to what was supposed to be a staged encounter, leaving a lasting impact on both the participants and the audience.

Grayson Waller breaks silence following his live TV controversy

On appearing to the Sunrise, news program LA Knight and Grayson Waller were involved in an interview. Knight was not seen in live TV after the injury he faced at Smackdown last week and the hosts asked Knight to hit his signature move. Waller accepted it, but suddenly got angry, when the host mockingly put his fists against his face.

He said, “I don’t think you understand. If I come over there right now, we’re gonna have the police here because I’m not gonna give you some fake punch. I’m gonna punch you straight in the jaw. The actual disrespect that you have even talking to me, you wanna talk to me like this ain’t real? Don’t act all tough, don’t act all tough. We don’t mess around with that stuff.”

After the incident, Waller took to his Twitter and posted a picture of former WWE Superstar David Schultz, known for attacking many hosts during his interview segments. Schultz was fired from WWE after slapping a reporter on live TV in 1984. It appears that Waller was trying to emulate David Schultz and potentially issued a warning to all interview hosts.

Grayson Waller
via WWE

Nevertheless it was a fun segment, Waller’s action created a little tense in the show after he threatened to punch the host. Recent time Waller was involved in many starts outside of WWE. Waller also had a controversy with Taylor Swift last year, after he mentioned Swift’s fans as the ugliest and later he apologized for his post.

Waller also lashed out at one of the presenters, Matt Shirvington, for being disrespectful to him and Knight. He claimed that he was not playing around and that wrestling was real. Waller hasn’t given any clear response to what he did, but the fans are waiting for him to speak up about the situation.


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