Red Bull director points the finger at Fernando Alonso for spreading rumors after Sergio Perez’s Mexican GP crash

Helmut Marko is involved in an interesting war of words with veteran racer Fernando Alonso after some recent stories brewing around the driver. Sergio Perez’s crash in Mexico had huge repercussions in the upcoming scenario, as the rumors around his controversial Red Bull seat grew even stronger. Helmut Marko didn’t hesitate before taking a jab at Alonso.

There were some rumors spreading around the paddock about the replacement of Sergio Perez in 2024. However, this time the rumors shockingly involved someone too far away from the earlier accusations. The possible driver for Red Bull’s second seat was speculated to be Fernando Alonso.

Marko suspects Alonso sparked Red Bull speculation

Helmut Marko appears to have responded to the accusations made by Fernando Alonso in the Spanish media. The two-time champion believed that there were many people spreading rumors about him potentially joining Red Bull in 2024. Alonso was furious about these allegations and threatened to take action against those responsible. Helmut Marko, known for his sly comments, didn’t hold back and responded with sarcastic remarks in return.

“I can well imagine that Alonso spread the rumors himself,” he said. “This is because the results at Aston Martin have been very disappointing recently.

Helmut Marko Accuses Fernando Alonso of Trying to Get Red Bull Clout:  “Wouldn't Be the First Time” - The SportsRush
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“It would not be the first time that he has used the Spanish media to stir the pot. Again, we only have sporting goals in mind. We want to win all the remaining races and finish second in the championship with Checo.”

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Helmut Marko appears convinced that Fernando Alonso is growing frustrated due to the declining performance of his AMR23 car and may not wish to remain with the team any longer. Alonso joined Aston Martin this year and initially surprised everyone with several podium finishes.

However, his progress has stalled due to a lack of developments, and the Aston Martin team is consistently losing points. This situation, according to Red Bull, is causing Fernando Alonso to attract negative attention. Helmut Marko, lacking sympathy for Alonso, is determined to counter his criticism of Red Bull.

Perez forced out of Mexico GP after collision with Charles Leclerc

Sergio Perez had a tough time at his home Grand Prix due to a costly mistake he made. Despite his loyal fans’ support all weekend, Checo couldn’t help but ruin what could have been a well-earned finish.

Sergio Perez shows true colours as Charles Leclerc booed after Mexico Grand  Prix clash - Mirror Online
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Perez had a promising start as he raced against Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari, who was initially in pole position, and Max Verstappen for the lead. However, he failed to notice Perez’s attempt to overtake him. As they approached turn 1 at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, Perez’s car made contact with Leclerc’s Ferrari, caught between the two Red Bulls. This collision sent Perez’s RB19 soaring across the track, forcing him to end his race right then and there, leaving Charles with a damaged front wing. While Perez thinks that it was a normal incident and he paid a high price for taking risk, some also believe that Max Verstappen is partly at fault.

What are your views about the Mexican GP crash and who do you think instigated the incident? Also, is Fernando Alonso going to take action against the recent rumors?


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