Red Bull star Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet receives death threats while she issues emotional statement

Max Verstappen might be known as “Mad Max” on the track, but off track, he is the most loving and caring person to his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet. The couple has been dating for a while now and every time they come in front of the camera, the audience can sense the unwavering love between the lovers.

However, recently, Kelly became vocal about the cyberbullying she has been tolerating for commenting on the war between Israel and Palestine. It wasn’t well received, and people on the internet have also allegedly threatened to take her life.

Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet receives death threats

Kelly Piquet has given a detailed statement, explaining her opinions online, as it is her right to freedom of speech, which no one could take away. She has also urged the audience who think otherwise to simply unfollow her if her statements are impacting them in a manner where she had to get “death threats” for simply speaking up about the situation.

Piquet wrote:  “I can’t stop thinking about all pain, suffering, mourning, trauma, shock, despair that the Palestinians in Gaza are living through right now. To imagine all the young innocent souls that have been lost, entire families wiped out, parentless children, and parents who’ve had to hug their dead children.

“I’m also thinking about the hostages that are in the hands of Hamas, and thankful to see that four of them have now been safely released. But the images and videos I am witnessing daily of the horror happening in Gaza are beyond comprehension.

She further added, “Instead of coming in my DMs with your death threats, highly abusive language, and other obscene pictures, UNFOLLOW ME. This is not a conflict; this is a genocide. My follower count or brand deals are not more important than a life I could be saving by advocating to stop this. And neither are yours.”

Who is Max Verstappen’s girlfriend Kelly Piquet?

Kelly is the daughter of the famous F1 driver Nelson Piquet. Her brother, Nelson Piquet Jr., was also an F1 driver who drove for Renault for two years in the 2008 and 2009 seasons before joining NASCAR. She has been dating the Dutch driver since 2020.

Apart from her family’s fame, the 34-year-old is also a successful model, working with famous brands such as  Pepe Jeans, PatBo and Louis Vuitton. She was also the Covergirl for Vogue Netherlands Magazine, in January 2023, which was the peak success of her entire career.

Kelly Piquet shares a daughter with former F1 racer Daniil Kyvat named Penelope; however, Penelope seems to be closer to her stepdad Max Verstappen than to her biological father.

Do you think Kelly opening about the online abuse will be effective for her or will it instead backfire on her? Tell us in the comment section below.


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