Rolly Romero goes off on Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya, DANZ promotions after speculated bout was canceled: “Y’all f*cked up”

After claiming the WBA Super Lightweight title, Rolly Romero’s name has been consistently making headlines in the boxing world over the past nine months. Numerous fighters have expressed their desire to face him, but as of now, no official announcement has been made regarding his next opponent.

Since receiving criticism from Devin Haney for opting to face Rolly Romero instead of him at the last moment, Ryan Garcia initially seemed firm in his decision. However, his boss, Oscar De La Hoya, later shut down any hopes of the Romero vs. Garcia bout.

Rolly Romero slams Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya, and DAZN

Now, Rolly Romero is stepping forward, making headlines while withholding any statements about his upcoming bout. Romero is targeting his once-expected opponent Ryan Garcia, his boss Oscar De La Hoya, and also the partner company DAZN.

Rolly appears displeased with the current state of his career timeline, especially after the news of Garcia potentially facing him. His boss intervened to cancel the bout, and DAZN has yet to make the fight official. Rolando Florencio Romero Moreno also included the boxing community in his statement.

The WBA champion took to his Instagram account, which has 305k followers, to announce his potential next bout. However, before making this announcement, he made a bold statement, criticizing Ryan Garcia by referring to him as “Princess.”

He also directed criticism at Oscar De La Hoya, accusing him of creating a barrier that prevented his next bout from materializing. According to critics, Rolly expressed dissatisfaction with DAZN, suggesting that they may have promised or convinced him to believe in the likelihood of the fight happening.

“Fuck Princess Ryan Garcia, Fuck Oscar de la Fishnets, and Fuck Dazn, the shittiest streaming network out there, for wasting my time and, more importantly, wasting the entire boxing world’s time. It’s disgusting to see how you guys do business, then try to go behind my back and offer Pitbull an offer, then claim I outpriced myself. Y’all fucked up.” Rolly Romero captioned the post with a new bout announcement.

Romero expressed discontent with the claims made by Ryan Garcia, Oscar De La Hoya, and DAZN, firmly rejecting the blame for the eventual cancellation of the bout being placed on him.

Rolly Romero’s potential next bout

After Rolly Romero was done with his criticism post, he ended the caption section with his new bout announcement.

Romero revealed it will be between him and Isaac Cruz, “Now it’s Rolly vs. Pitbull on Amazon Prime, the largest network in boxing history. This fight is an explosion.”

Though the bout date hasn’t been announced yet, the WBA title will be put on the line once again.

Rolly Romero
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Isaac Cruz boasts a record of 25 wins and 2 losses, a profile similar to Romero, who also suffered a defeat against Gervonta Davis. Cruz’s promoter once notified Ryan Garcia that they had been seeking a fight against Cruz for two years. However, the promoter also emphasized that the business of boxing doesn’t operate on immediate demands.

MP Promotions President Sean Gibbons said, “Ryan Garcia for two years has called out Isaac Cruz, talked sh*t about him, and talked about Cruz ducking people, but Ryan should know more than anyone; boxing is a business.”

What are your thoughts on Rolly Romero expressing frustration about consistently being mentioned as Ryan Garcia’s next opponent without any official announcement being made?


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