TAG Heuer faces challenge as Max Verstappen chooses $40,000 Rolex over custom-made piece

Formula One, being a global spectacle, has many other business endeavours associated with it, including sponsorship and various meaningful partnerships. Drivers in the Formula One circuit serve as brand ambassadors for many to influence their products through social media, where fans eagerly follow their favorite drivers.

In a recent incident involving Max Verstappen, the prestigious Tag Heuer Company found itself deeply affected by one of the Red Bull driver’s actions; however, tension was reduced with the reveal of an interview video of Max Verstappen, as discussed below in the article.

Verstappen dons Rolex over TAG Heuer

Tag Heuer has had an honourable partnership with Red Bull for a while now. The company made a special, custom-made watch to celebrate their partnership with the Dutch sensation. Despite the humble efforts shown by the company, Max Verstappen was spotted several times wearing a $40,000 watch from a rival company instead, as spotted by a famous YouTuber, Nico Leonard.

Nico Leonard has 1.62 million subscribers and can easily influence F1 enthusiasts through his videos. He revealed that the watch belonged to none other than Rolex’s Oysterflex Daytona. He said, “What you see Max wearing is a Rolex Daytona, reference number 116518LN Noire with a black ceramic bezel, Oysterflex, and an 18-carat Daytona. The absolute b*llocks! The watch is worth between $35,000 and $40,000.”

This act deeply hurt  Tag Heuer, especially since both of their rivalries have existed for a very long time. Tag Heur was officially the most important clock producing  company for 12 years until 2004, however, Rolex stepped in 2013 and has been dominating the other companies till now.

However, in a recent interview, it was revealed that Verstappen still wears the watch not because of its luxurious style but because of the memories attached to it, as it was a precious gift given to him in 2021, which he has been cherishing since then.

Does TAG Heuer sponsor Max Verstappen?

Tag Heuer has been involved in partnering up with Red Bull since 2016. At that time, Verstappen was only 18 years old, but Red Bull promised the success of the driver over the years to the team, which has evidently become fruitful with Verstappen’s recent achievements.

As time passed, Tag played a vital role in contributing to Verstappen’s success and, hence, has watched him grow into the strongest competitor in the industry now. The partnership between both of them fashionably strengthens both Red Bull drivers, apart from being the strongest contenders on the tracks.

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